Welcoming Product Blog

/ John Condon

Welcome to Bromcom’s product blog, this is going to be the first of an ongoing series of articles from the product management team covering a broad range of subjects from current best practice to upcoming developments and everything in between.
They will be coming every couple of weeks and we’ll be working in rotation within the team so you won’t have to worry about being bored by the same voice droning on about the same thing over and over!
We are going to focus on the content in our next release, this is something that some of you may already be aware of as we regularly engage with our users in order to guide development.

Staff and Group List pages

We’ve recently added a new Student list page to the MIS and it was always part of the plan to make equivalent pages for Staff and Groups. The staff page is a simple replication of the student list experience, except the tasks that are gathered on the right hand side are those which are appropriate to the adult membership of the school family.
You will be able to customise and filter lists of staff, export that information to Excel and view them in photo mode. All the tasks you will have become familiar with while using the student list page.
The Group List page though, that’s a different animal (same species, different genus). For groups we went one step further. Of course we are delivering the same List page element that has worked so well with the students, meaning that you can create filtered lists and exports but we’ve combined the 13 different group pages into 1.


So if you need to review the detail on a Band, Block, Course, Department, Faculty, House, report Group, Subject, Teaching Class, Tutor Group, Withdrawal group or Year, it is all on the same page. The items that will be displayed on that page will be different dependent on the group type you pick. Subjects have colours, teaching classes do not.
On top of this we have MASSIVELY improved the speed and flow of certain elements on these pages. The memberships sections are faster, the associated timetable elements streamlined and MUCH more responsive.


You can now click directly on a cell within the timetable and add a session directly. Transfers will now take mere seconds.
But you won’t need to take my word for it, not for long anyway. The new pages will be included in the imminent October release. So get your feedback forms ready!
As I mentioned back at the beginning we are going to be working in a rotation on these product blogs, so I won’t be putting anything forward for another 8 weeks. I hate to keep people in suspense though, so here is a sneak peak of one of the other projects I am working on, a redesign of our teacher pages.
We are trying to pull together all the elements that comprise the current teacher interface into a single unified structure. So you’ll have one screen that lets you quickly take attendance, behaviour and assessment while still being able to view each of them in detail.
More in two months, but I’ll leave you with the current mockup of the main “register” page.


/ John Condon