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On premise MIS servers in a school

The Future of EdTech: Cloud-based MIS & Energy Crisis

James Penny, 21 September 2022

The Future of EdTech: Cloud-based MIS & Energy Crisis

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Back to School: Your five top tips for early success in the classroom

Back to School – Your 5 top tips for early success in the classroom

Rory Haynes, 20 September 2022

We know how important first impressions are.   Over 600,000 teachers have now returned to schools in the UK. With new classrooms to configure, curriculums to learn and students to meet, setting yourself up for early success is key.  This is where your School MIS can help.   Our Education Consultants share their five top tips to...

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This Week with Bromcom: Darrick Wood School

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 23 June 2022

We sat down with Data Manager, Jill Thorp, and Network and Operations Manager, Mike Slater, to discuss their experience with Bromcom’s MIS.

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Bromcom this Week: Thorpe St Andrew School & Sixth Form and Holy Trinity Catholic School

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 19 June 2022

We love to check in and see how schools are getting on with Bromcom. This helps us to develop a community of active, happy users. Part of the Bromcommunity is Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form who we sat down with this week.

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Building a best-in-class customer Relationship experience: Primary Schools

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 08 June 2022

By asking Our clients for feedback we communicate that their opinion is important to us. We involve them in shaping Bromcom so they feel more attached to their product. Listening to their voice helps us create stronger relations with schools.

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Building a best-in-class customer Relationship experience: Secondary Schools

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 01 June 2022

At Bromcom, we understand the importance of communicating regularly with our client base, as it ensures our schools are getting the most from our products and that we’re developing software based on their needs and requirements.

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Change Management: Adopting a new MIS with minimal upheaval

Rory Haynes, 05 January 2022

Change within an educational setting is always daunting. Bromcom explores the theory behind Change Management and underlines some key steps to take to ensure support from across your community.

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Procuring via G-Cloud: The swift process to obtain a new MIS and Finance package

Rory Haynes, 02 December 2021

The decision, made by ESS, to extend their contract to a three-year term has left schools up and down the country feeling disillusioned.

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Debunking the myths around changing MIS

Damon Hatcher, 01 December 2021

The idea of switching is touted apologetically or whispered just in case it might be taken seriously. How did our common assumptions get so far from reality?

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Wraparound Care

Rory Haynes, 30 November 2021

Wraparound Care is a provision offered by Primary and Secondary Schools up and down the country. Bromcom explores the importance of pre and post school support from both an academic and social perspective, while highlighting how our system can help your school to manage a wraparound programme.

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Reception Baseline Assessment

Rory Haynes, 25 October 2021

With a host of changes to Primary Education for the 2021/22 academic year, Bromcom takes a look at the Reception Baseline Assessment and what this newly implemented examination means for teachers and students alike.

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MAT Centralisation

Rory Haynes, 07 October 2021

In the latest Bromcom blog instalment, we explore the updates made to the EYFS framework, their importance from both a statutory and non-statutory perspective and how our Primary Tracker can help to ensure you are fully equipped to deal with early years education.

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Bromcom vs SIMS

Rory Haynes, 20 August 2021

SIMS have dominated the MIS landscape for many years. Now, in an environment which has required adaptation and flexibility to accommodate school’s needs, we look at the advancements in cloud-based MIS’s and how Bromcom is a better solution to match your school’s ambitions.

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How to Run a Successful Summer School

Rory Haynes, 13 August 2021

Dedicated funding has been awarded to schools up and down the country for summer schools to bridge a knowledge gap exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bromcom explores the advantages of a summer school programme and steps educators can take to ensure pupils make academic progress and rediscover their passion for school.

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Cyber Security in Education – Combatting Threats to Schools

Rory Haynes, 05 August 2021

Cyber threats to schools have become prevalent throughout the pandemic and schools have lost coursework, data and money in the process. Bromcom looks at the importance of keeping your data secure and how the cloud can provide protection which a school-based server cannot.

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Time to give it a rest, teachers – Teacher wellbeing over the summer break

Rory Haynes, 20 July 2021

The summer holidays are finally upon us and it really is time for teachers to give it a rest. In this blog we examine why the teaching community needs a break, now more than ever, and the steps educators can employ to feel rejuvenated for the next academic year.

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A to Z School Budget Guide for School Business Managers

Rory Haynes, 13 July 2021

Examining the ways in which School Business Managers can maximise their budget and the products Bromcom can provide to support the financial administration of a school or MAT.

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Setting the pace for School Improvement

Scott Biggs, 18 May 2021

Educational Consultant, Scott Biggs, explains how to manage the pace of decision-making to stimulate rapid school improvement.

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Cultivating Capacity in Schools

Scott Biggs, 07 May 2021

The next instalment of our blog series considers the different areas of staff management that contribute to School Improvement.

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Developing Stronger School Improvement Strategies

Scott Biggs, 27 April 2021

Strategy is one of the key components when looking at School Improvement. Bromcom can offer schools a toolkit that both supports its development and removes implementation barriers.

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Sustainable School Improvement

Scott Biggs, 08 April 2021

Within this series of blogs, we will unpick and explain each of the different components within the School Improvement Formula.

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How does Bromcom support the assessment process?

Scott Biggs, 17 March 2021

The key to creating an effective learning environment is achieving the right balance of formative and summative assessment strategies to support teaching and learning. Find out how Bromcom can support the needs of your school.

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Why should MATs centralise their data?

Liza Adebisi, 04 March 2021

Having all your data in one place is key to a successful improvement strategy. Any MAT should invest in a system able to centralise all data.

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Switching MIS – Why should your school switch, and how difficult is it?

Liza Adebisi, 01 March 2021

Is your MIS up to its task? Here are the reasons why you should consider alternative options...

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The advantages of a one-stop-shop MIS

Liza Adebisi, 26 January 2021

An all-in-one solution or a one-stop-shop MIS is all a modern school needs to run efficiently.

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Data protection essentials – What does GDPR mean for schools

Liza Adebisi, 20 January 2021

How important is it to protect your school data? And does your school comply with GDPR guidelines? Every school should ask these questions.

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16 Steps for supporting mental health and wellbeing in Schools

Liza Adebisi, 15 January 2021

Mental Health and Wellbeing in education are familiar topics. We explore the best practices schools can put in place.

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Step by step guide: 11 great ways to build parent-teacher communication

Liza Adebisi, 07 January 2021

Read this guide to learn all the ways your school can communicate effectively with parents.

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School improvement through intelligent technology

Liza Adebisi, 06 January 2021

Read this blog on how technology can be used to implement a successful school improvement plan.

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How technology can help improve education

Liza Adebisi, 16 December 2020

Read this blog on how technology can help improve education. You will love it for strategizing school improvement.

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School Leadership Traits

Dan Sears, 24 July 2020

When as humans we reflect on the many achievements of leaders through the ages, we always find many supporters and detractors of their ideas and methodologies...

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School Digital Transformation

Steve Smith, 11 June 2020

Not so many years ago, a school’s paper budget would have been significant as demands for test papers, worksheets and so on would have been a full-time job. Students handed in their homework in hard copy and...

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Transition to Distance Learning

Dan Sears, 06 May 2020

If you have ever followed the day of a child in a school, you will soon realise that it’s hectic. It is likely to cover five different subjects, contain two breaks and lots of social interaction with peers and adults...

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The difference between Remote and Distance Learning

Dan Sears, 30 April 2020

As an educationalist we are in strange times. Following the initial government announcements regarding lockdown, we had limited time to change the way we support our young people. Not only from a learning and teaching perspective...

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Bromcom Insights: Bringing you Data at your Fingertips

Dan Sears, 16 April 2020

How many times in a school are you asked simple data questions that you know should be at the tip of your fingers, but with so much going on during the school day it’s completely escaped your mind...

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Top 10 reasons to choose Bromcom when deciding on a new cloud MIS provider

Damon Hatcher, 07 April 2020

As an MIS supplier, we’re often asked ‘Why Bromcom’? What is it that makes us stand out in the marketplace and why should a customer choose Bromcom over another MIS Provider...

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How using the Student Portal can support remote learning

Ben Mort, 23 March 2020

In these unprecedented and challenging times, the message from our customers is clear: Schools are not closing from today (23/03/2020). Closing is the wrong word, schools are CHANGING....

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Why a cloud MIS One-Stop-Shop offering is the better option when switching MIS

Damon Hatcher, 11 March 2020

Back in the decade of big hair, New Romantics and the Rubik’s cube, cars were rolling out of showrooms with cassette decks, proudly emitting the occupants’ music choices with a gerbil like quality that’s hard to forget...

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