Building a best-in-class customer Relationship experience: Primary Schools

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team

By asking Our clients for feedback we communicate that their opinion is important to us. We involve them in shaping Bromcom so they feel more attached to their product. Listening to their voice helps us create stronger relations with schools. This is the best way to gain valuable brand ambassadors who will spread positive word-of-mouth for us.

Today I’m going to focus on Primary Schools and some of the features that often come up in calls.

Ramsgate Arts Primary School

Client feedback is essential for us. We involve our customers in shaping Bromcom’s future, allowing them a great affinity with our product. Listening to the community’s voice helps us create stronger relations with new and existing schools.

Today I’m going to focus on Primary Schools and some of the features that often come up in calls.

Ramsgate Arts Primary School is a mainstream, state-funded junior school in Kent. They provide a broad, high-quality education, with creativity at its core. Every child can experience the joy of learning and be supported to reach his or her potential. Ramsgate Arts Primary School have now been with Bromcom for over five years, and have adopted the Bromcom Finance Module.

Mary Brown is the Assistant Administrator within the school. She has core responsibilities which include attendance and admissions. Mary has been utilising the Bromcom system to support her administrative role. Mary is keen to learn more about the Bromcom system to develop her efficiencies even further.

She was very keen to explore the training Bromcom could offer to develop her role. She was particularly keen to learn more about the reporting module on the MIS.

best-in-class customer Relationship experience

Mary mentioned, among a number of useful features she has encountered with Bromcom, that the helpdesk is always polite and supportive. Additionally, MCAS is a real positive. This is especially the case for parental communication. Bromcom provides a suite of management tools the school can use to authorise permissions, transactions and meal management.

Mary explained that she has now reached a stage where she can run reports with ease, and the Bromcom learning curve was levelling off. There was now a want, from her perspective, to run more advanced and detailed reports.

Despite having a desire to upskill and a thirst for knowledge, Mary is aware of the different support routes available to her, including the support desk.

Norbury Manor Primary School

Norbury Manor Primary School is a mainstream, state-funded junior school in London. They have been using Bromcom for almost three years and their school aim is to achieve excellence in all areas so that their children are enthusiastic, independent learners who view the world around them with enquiring minds. Ultimately creating ‘learners today and leaders tomorrow.’

My interaction was with the Headteacher, Sonia Potter, who spoke strongly in favour of Bromcom and offered up her services to share best practice with other schools when using the system. Norbury Manor Primary have invested in all software products Bromcom can offer. With a combined MIS and Finance option they are seeing the benefits of a smooth link between both sets of functionalities.

best-in-class customer Relationship experience

Accessibility was a key feature that stood out for Sonia. Whole-school mark sheets are easily accessible so she has complete visibility on progress throughout year groups.

Another positive for Sonia was the software itself. She mentioned that the MIS that they previously used was an on-premises MIS. Bromcom is a fully cloud-based system and she really liked that she could access it anywhere with internet access.

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team