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Building a best-in-class customer Relationship experience: Secondary Schools

Building a best-in-class customer Relationship experience: Secondary Schools

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team

At Bromcom, we understand the importance of communicating regularly with our client base, as it ensures our schools are getting the most from our products and that we’re developing software based on their needs and requirements.

Today I am going to focus on Secondary Schools and some of the features that often come up in calls. The topic I come across that is highly favourable among our secondary schools would be our Ad-Hoc Reporting and the Key stage 4 dashboards, given the time of year where schools are heavily focused on the pupils exams.

Caistor Yarborough Academy

Our first is Caistor Yarborough Academy, a mainstream senior school with 403 pupils based in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. At Caistor Yarborough Academy they pride themselves in the fact that they provide a personalized and inclusive learning environment that nurtures and values every student through an ethos of ‘Excellence for All’.

My conversation was free flowing with Tracey the Data and Exams Officer, she said that over the years she has formed a well-rounded view of Bromcom, and the product and services provided through her various roles. She thinks that Bromcom has a great product for schools and that she has enjoyed watching its development over the years.

best-in-class customer Relationship experience

When I asked her if there were any aspects or features of Bromcom that stood out she said ‘In my role as Data and the Exams Officer it has to be the Seating Plans’. She felt that the ease of creating and exporting the seating plans was a real stand-out feature.

In addition to exploring what features and aspects in Bromcom stand out for Tracey we were keen to find out what areas of the system could be improved which would make her role easier. Tracey raised a great idea of adding an auto-schedule facility within the Timetable package, something that is being investigated by our development team.

South Bromsgrove High

At South Bromsgrove High, they have the vision to develop polite, well-rounded, and resilient young people who, through hard work and determination, make excellent progress. The School is a co-educational, upper school, and sixth form with academy status, located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.1347 mixed-gender pupils attended the popular establishment.

Among many direct conversations between the company and the school, one session stood out with Tina Jackson. The curriculum/Data Manager over at South Bromsgrove High, had said that her role requires her involvement mostly within the Curriculum section of Bromcom. Additional responsibilities also see tine conduct census returns, run reports, use the web merge options and also export a lot of data from the Bromcom MIS.

best-in-class customer Relationship experience

Tina mentioned that within her role, there is a heavy demand on extracting data for different departments within the school, making a quick reference to her previous MIS, she noted that with Bromcom ‘I like how I can extract the data that I need for everyone, easily’.

When I put the same question to Tina that we were keen to find out areas that could be improved upon, she provided feedback that was personal to her role. The inclusion of additional filters for searching and to have the ability to deselect certain inputs this would make her role easier.

In the next blog, I will focus on the Primary schools and the outstanding interactions I have had with these schools in recent times.

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team