Finnemore Consulting: MIS Discovery Sessions for Schools, Academies & Trusts


Finnemore Consulting: MIS Discovery Sessions for Schools, Academies & Trusts

09:30AM - 14:00PM


Where: Online Webinar

Event Outline.

With everything going on in the MIS market at the moment, schools have a real appetite for understanding all the MIS+Finance options available to them. Finnemore Consulting are hosting an MIS Discovery Sessions that will be virtual and completely free of charge to participate in and to attend. The sessions are open to all schools, MATs and academies in England and Wales, plus anyone else who works in the sector and would like to find out more. They'll be asking the suppliers to talk about how their MIS meets the needs of key people within schools (including business managers, SLT, teaching staff, students, governors, and parents) so will give them identical user scenarios to work through. We plan to have focused sessions specifically for primary and secondary requirements, and Finance will also feature for those who have a particular interest in that area. But it won’t just be about the software; we’re also going to ask suppliers to talk about their organisation and culture, and what it’s like to work with them – especially when it comes to switching MIS. We’ll aim to help dispel some myths regarding procurement and aggregated purchasing and will chair a final Q&A session at the end of each day to help everyone feel confident about the options open to them and the next steps.

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You can register for any or all of the sessions using the form hosted on Finnemore Consulting's website.

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