Schools North East annual Summit – Newcastle


Schools North East annual Summit – Newcastle

9:00AM - 16:00PM


Where: St James' Park, Newcastle

Event Outline.

The Schools North East annual leadership Summit is the biggest event of its kind in the UK, attracting 500+ school leaders, with expert and internationally renowned speakers and receiving national press coverage. Schools North East, in their own words; "Since the publication of our ‘Manifesto for NE Education’ prior to the 2019 General Election, schools nationwide have faced unprecedented disruption, with huge changes in the educational landscape. All schools in the North East are ‘Great’, but that is often despite policy, not because of it. Our schools are ‘Great’ because of their staff, their willingness to go ‘above and beyond’, and despite the constraints of a system that isn’t able to fully support them to realise their potential. As we enter the run up to another General Election, this year’s summit will look at what are the policies and actions required to ensure that all of our schools can be ‘Great North Schools’ in a system that is worthy of them. How do we make the whole system ‘Great’? We will revisit the key recommendations and strands of our manifesto, in light of the challenges of the last 4 years, to amplify the voices that were the ‘fourth emergency service’ during the pandemic; our vital national strategic infrastructure that continues to support students and communities where other services".

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