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Whether you are a school, trust, or local authority, our Management Information System supports each step of your students’ educational journey.

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A school MIS built for the success of your school

An MIS built for success.

Your Management Information System (MIS) is the backbone of your school's success – and we believe you deserve the very best. That means a cloud-based system that informs decision making and aids collaboration. One that includes all the functionality you need, without costly bolt-ons. And above all, one that helps you deliver better education outcomes for students.

A school cloud MIS designed with educators in mind

Designed with you in mind.

Our ground-breaking products have been developed in collaboration with a diverse range of schools, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), and Local Authorities. As a family-owned company, we value the importance of building strong partnerships. And with 40 years’ experience in education, we know that every institution is unique, with individual requirements.

Everything under one roof.

With Bromcom, you’ll get a built in Finance solution, unrivalled dashboards and Power BI integration, and our renowned ‘My Child at School’ app to manage trips, clubs and wraparound care. You’ll even have access your own AI ‘personal assistant’. And that’s just scratching the surface. Book a demonstration to find out more and see why the future is brighter with Bromcom!

primary school teacher dashboard
secondary school teacher dashboard
bromcom mat vision attendance
bromcom finance home page
bromcom mat vision homepage

Trusted by thousands of teachers and parents.

Our cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere, allowing teachers, parents and business managers to support pupils from any device. Our My Child At School (MCAS) App is free on the Apple and Google app stores

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The main topic of discussion is the frustration she is facing while creating quick reports. She finds it difficult to generate reports quickly and is disappointed because it is not a quick process. Currently, she is trying to create a web merge for assessments that need to be sent home to parents. She has gone back to using the old format because she was having trouble getting the field IDs. She admits that it was a bit of a pain, but it is easy once you know what you are doing."

Julie Crowe

Erdington Academy

"Bromcom revolutionized our school management, delivering on its promises with efficient handling of all administrative tasks. From student data to attendance tracking, Bromcom simplifies complexities, enabling us to prioritize education. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool for our institution. We wholeheartedly recommend Bromcom to any school in search of a reliable and effective Management Information System.""

St John Fisher Catholic High School

"The system's flexibility allows me to tailor the front screen, creating a personalized overview. Navigating attendance data is seamless, eliminating the hassle of searching through various places. The integration of MCAS in the links enhances simplicity, facilitating easy transitions between children. It is an overall user-friendly platform that streamlines tasks once you understand its functionality. Highly appreciative of its efficiency and ease of use.""

Susan Holland

Bridport Primary School

"The Finance homepage layout is thrilling! Visually appealing and incredibly functional, it is a significant improvement from our old SIMs system. The ability to log in from any computer adds a new level of convenience. The user-friendly design simplifies financial management tasks, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. Kudos to the team for creating a fantastic system that has genuinely improved my experience!""

Sarah Barnwell

Northchapel Community Primary School

"Once you've familiarized yourself with Bromcom, the possibilities open up. There are numerous ways to accomplish tasks, providing flexibility in your approach. It is not a one-size-fits-all system; you can explore various avenues and make changes. While there is a learning curve, navigating Bromcom becomes much easier over time, unlocking its full potential for efficient and personalized use.""

Maxine Oakes

Colgate Primary School

Whether dealing with starters, leavers, or adding schools, it is a breeze. Clear and straightforward, it is easy to navigate even when encountering something new. I appreciate the simplicity; it is intuitive, making tasks seamless. While I have not experienced other systems for comparison, I genuinely like the efficiency and ease this one provides. Managing information becomes a hassle-free and enjoyable process. Highly recommended!"

Rebecca Sweet

Albourne Cofe Primary School

"The modules are a stroke of brilliance! They streamline the search, making everything easily accessible. It is like having a secret map to navigate the chaos. So grateful for this simplified approach!""

"The finance module's simplicity is impressive! The colour-blocked sections made learning a joy. The ease of navigation is fantastic, and the organized layout is a standout feature. Understanding finance was never this enjoyable!""

Sarah Raciti

Holy Trinity Cofe Primary School, Cuckfield

"The array of features is remarkable, offering an abundance of possibilities. The core functions we frequently use are impressively efficient, elevating our productivity to new heights.""

"The training experience was exceptional. The webinars and separate school finance sessions were highly informative and well-organized. The school finance team did a commendable job, providing extensive training. I genuinely thought the training was excellent and beneficial for enhancing our skills and knowledge. I highly recommend it to others seeking quality education and professional development.""

Allyson West

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School