That Post-Training Feeling

I always feel invigorated when I leave a training session. I’ve ingested the knowledge of an expert and cannot wait to make my school better by applying it. I get back to my desk and try out a couple of new reports that I didn’t know about and ‘BOOM’ the information is flashing up on screen. Complex reports are produced in seconds and I feel like a Data King! I know how to make best use of the features within the modules I’ve just been trained in and I can update and manipulate faster than a speeding bullet.

I leave my office to teach, call a parent, have a site meeting, grab a sandwich and then it’s a few hours with the governors. A week of normal activities / chaos ensues and it’s over a fortnight until I have a moment to focus on our MIS. I sit down at my desk ready to recall the amazing training from a couple of weeks ago, to find that I seem to be brain washed, everything that I had so joyfully covered has left my brain. I sit like a dead cabbage staring at the screen prodding at the key and moving the mouse around hoping for divine intervention.

Send Help!

Then it came to be like a bolt out of the blue. My Cloud MIS system is Bromcom and they have an amazing feature called Walk Through. I can search for the task that I want to perform and it provides a proactive, on-screen guide that takes me through step by step. The number of tasks available through this feature are continually growing over time. They allow not only the everyday tasks, but also the termly or even yearly tasks to be ‘Walked Through’ supporting me every step of the way.

As I pick the task I want to perform, a helpful box appears on screen telling me what we are going to do. I click on OK and I’m magically transported to the right module. A popup appears, guiding me through every step. As I progress through the task, the boxes keep coming, keeping me on the straight and narrow towards my goal.
I’m back to being the MIS god, as the Walk Through supported me, reminded me, and ultimately held my hand through the task I had to undertake.

The clever folk on the Bromcom helpdesk analyse where customers are asking for support, and use this information to drive the development of the Walk Throughs. We have recorded a video to demonstrate the Walk Through tool in action, showing how it supports customers to get the best out of their MIS.