Having Vision.

Bromcom Vision-X provides an online portal for analysing and collating data from multiple schools. It’s a central data hub for MATs and LAs alike, encouraging stakeholders to collaborate and assess performance.

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Improve as a collective.

Benchmark data.

Deploy changes in an instant. Implement updates to policy, deliver trust-wide communications and update software from one centre of operations.​

Power to you.

Total visibility over all of your data from across your academies. Assess at macro or micro level with live information to inform best practice.

Authorising access.

Manage access for those who need it. Create privileges and protocols to ensure information is accessed by the correct teams at all times.​

Strategic Insight.

Vision empowers users to take the next step, comparing performance, identifying issues, taking actions and assessing impacts. It supports collaboration between schools, highlighting and sharing good practice, making data accessible to all relevant partners. Analyse at top level, click into a school then drill right down to the individual. ​​


With a wide array of analytics built-in, users can assess a variety of KPI’s related to Attendance, Behaviour, Exclusions and more. Charts can be broken down by pastoral groups, including Pupil Premium, Ethnicity and Gender. Drill into data tables and export to Excel with the click of a button. ​

Microsoft Power BI.

Unique to Bromcom, is our integrated Power BI Viewer. The entirety of the database can be queried via a secure, automated feed, powering dashboards that can then be embedded in MAT Vision or the School MIS. Accessed like any other area of the product, they offer a secure, read-only view of the dataset. Displaying the exact visualisations and key performance indicators your group want to track.

Compatible with a range of MIS'.

If your schools are currently using a range of different MIS providers, you can still pull their data into Vision and ensure that no school is left behind.

Key Benefits for MATs.

All your MIS data in one place, accessible anywhere, on any device.

Identify, Resolve, Predict.

Central teams can get to the crux of the issues before they become a real problem. They can identify successes and failures, providing proactive measures based on a greater understanding of their school’s data.​

Share & Collaborate.

Schools can compare their data to peers, learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes.

Reduce Admin Burden.

Ditch the manual data collation workarounds and give staff the time to analyse data rather than just collect it.​

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Key Benefits for Local Authorities & Support Teams.

Bromcom Vision presents a range of opportunities for Local Authorities and Support teams. Both for income generation, customer retention and service improvement.

New Products & Services.

Vision presents opportunities to create products and services, both for use within the LA, and for Schools within your remit. Offer a consolidated reporting service to MATs or provide a monthly data comparison service for local schools.​

Power BI Integration.

Create bespoke analytics dashboards for a variety of roles within the LA or for MATs and display them within the Vision interface. As Power BI can be connected to multiple data sources, it could be used to share a wide range of data points from different services within the authority.

Reduce Manual Data Returns.

Take away the burden of manual data returns for exclusions, attendance and Covid-19 information. Pool school data and make it available to Children’s Services teams that are responsible for pupil welfare.


"Trends are easy to identify and track with a more detailed analysis available if required. Data can be interrogated from trust-level to individual student level in an intuitive way. Not only will valuable staff time be saved, but an enhanced analysis of data will be possible through the use of MAT Vision-X."
Robert Isaac Operations Director Bourne Education Trust
"We’ve used Vision for a few years now, primarily to pull consolidated data into PowerBI and make reports in the style of the IDSR. We’re also looking now, at using it to power some of our own internal tools for reporting and generally making life easier for staff. As a data store it’s been really helpful, what we’re most excited about are the updates coming which will mean we can begin standardising code sets etc across the board."
Sam Dukes Systems Manager Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Academies Trust
"Vision-X has provided us with a Trust-wide view of attendance at the click of a button. The automatic updates have not only provided a wealth of data insights, but also saved us a significant amount of time which we can then put back into student progress and attainment. One of the most impressive features of Vision-X is the integrated Power BI reports. With these, we have gained valuable data insights which were previously difficult to effectively monitor and evaluate. As a result, we are able to provide improved recommendations for our Academies, based on this new data, enabling them to provide enhanced solutions for pupils."
Kirsteen Light Data Manager Consilium Academies
"MAT-Vision X and Power BI have been game changers for our attendance team and how they analyse attendance for various sub-populations. Data production that took hours at both school and trust level can now be accessed in minutes, allowing the attendance team to use their time engaging with the students and their families to improve attendance."
Ian Gladden Trust MIS Manager All Saints Multi Academy Trust