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Bromcom To Supply MIS & Finance software For 200+ West Sussex Maintained Schools

Nick Bull, 15 March 2022

In March, we at Bromcom proudly announced alongside West Sussex County Council that we will be supplying school MIS, Finance and Budgeting software to over 200 maintained schools in West Sussex, in what is an unprecedented deal.

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Finance in one place

Rory Haynes, 24 January 2022

Bromcom’s Finance has numerous features designed to improve budgetary process across your school and increase visibility over where money is being distributed and spent.

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MAT Enterprise Solution

Rory Haynes, 24 January 2022

Bromcom’s market-leading solution which harmoniously combines all the components required to run your trust as effectively as possible.

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Unsure about the 3 Year Terms with ESS?

Damon Hatcher, 02 December 2021

With ESS’ recent bombshell of tearing up the agreements schools and LA’s have known for years and replacing it with a mandatory 3-year term, those on the sharp end have been mulling over what to do next.

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The Non-Statutory Framework EYFS can be adopted to help support children throughout their early years development

EYFS framework update: Understanding the change

Rory Haynes, 30 September 2021

In the latest Bromcom blog instalment, we explore the updates made to the EYFS framework, their importance from both a statutory and non-statutory perspective and how our Primary Tracker can help to ensure you are fully equipped to deal with early years education.

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Bromcom’s New Generation MAT Finance with Martin Holyoak

Martin Holyoak, 21 July 2021

When considering finance within the context of a MAT, there are a range of different perceptions amongst small, medium or large trusts. When it came to creating our own MAT Finance product, we wanted to ensure that it could incorporate all sizes of MAT.

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Harness the power of Google for education by integrating your MIS

Liza Adebisi, 19 February 2021

The advantages of having access to the Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) through your school MIS.

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Using Office 365 as part of your school MIS

Liza Adebisi, 16 February 2021

An automated integration that will give your school the seamless experience it needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

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What you need to know about school timetable software for students and teachers

Liza Adebisi, 03 February 2021

All you need to know about school timetables, how to organise them and how they can help curriculum coverage for primary and secondary schools.

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How to switch MIS with your local IT support team

Liza Adebisi, 06 January 2021

Try out our Cloud-MIS for 30 days. It’s free!

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Exams 2020

Dan Sears, 28 August 2020

As I have mentioned before ‘These are strange times’. Having to wander round Tesco’s wearing a mask, finding myself comparing different types of hand gel and walking around with my invisible 2 metre force field...

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Primary Tracker’s 2020 Evolution (so far)

Richard King, 14 August 2020

Many of you have been in touch about the Primary Tracker, so we thought it was time to give you an update on its progress and how much it has changed since we last featured it here on the Product Blog...

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Product Release Webinar

Dan Sears, 31 July 2020

As schools draw to a close for the summer the agile development process here at Bromcom just keeps rolling.

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Product Development Webinar

Dan Sears, 11 June 2020

The best part about my job is working with customers to make sure that our products meet, or more importantly, exceed their requirements. It’s all about YOU!

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My first User Group

Dan Sears, 11 June 2020

MAT Vision is the hub of a Trust’s Management Information System. More than just a warehouse for trust-wide data, MAT Vision is at the centre of the trust’s operations by facilitating the management and organisation of data across Bromcom CloudMIS. Powerful and highly flexible analytics allow a trust to understand school performance and target school improvement.

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DFE guidance – how to record attendance and absence from next week

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 31 May 2020

Please read Bromcom’s guidance on how to record attendance in the MIS, including using four NEW codes which will be available from Monday 1 June...

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Did you forget your training?

Dan Sears, 21 May 2020

I always feel invigorated when I leave a training session. I’ve ingested the knowledge of an expert and cannot wait to make my school better by applying it. I get back to my desk and try out a couple of new reports that I didn’t know about and ‘BOOM’ the information is flashing up on screen...

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Bromcom Education: Continued Improvements

Dan Sears, 14 May 2020

As we all began to digest the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday night a number of documents began to land in my inbox. These were the details relating to the re-opening of schools when the government feels we can enter Stage 3 of the Covid unlocking process..

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Bromcom Support For School Closure Update

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 02 April 2020

Yesterday the Government announced its free school meals voucher scheme...

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Bromcom Support For School Closure

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 24 March 2020

We are continuing to monitor the Government advice to ensure that our customers get everything they need from us during this difficult period...

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Using the Communication Log

Dan Sears, 20 March 2020

Here at Bromcom we understand the difficult circumstances that our schools are currently facing. Over the next few days we will continue to highlight features of our MIS system that...

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Bromcom Support For School Closure

Bromcom Customer Care Team, 19 March 2020

We have created some short videos to help you through the difficult situation that schools are finding themselves in. In these videos we will show you how to do the following tasks...

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NEW UX: How the new Global search feature in Bromcom’s MIS can save you time

Ben Mort, 05 March 2020

As more and more of what is useful to us becomes digitised and embedded in the systems we use, the need to efficiently and effectively sift through the reams of information becomes ever more important....

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MyChildAtSchool: How using Bromcom’s Parent App can streamline communication between schools and parents

Richard King, 25 February 2020

Bromcom’s Parent App, MyChildAtSchool, gives schools a simple and convenient way of engaging with parents, while simultaneously reducing the school office’s workload...

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Finance Blog 4

Simon Lewin, 28 November 2019

Welcome to the fourth product blog for Bromcom’s Finance module. To coincide with release 8.1, I am exploring the methods of reporting and why Bromcom’s Reporting options are so great and outdoing the competition.

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Latest Product Updates

Richard King, 13 November 2019

It’s been a while since we updated the Product Blog, and I thought it was high time that I should share with you some of the recent MIS developments we’ve released, and what’s in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

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Bromcom Primary Tracker Development

Matt Bramley, 29 October 2019

Before joining the company early this year, I recalled hearing from schools that Bromcom was in constant development mode, pushing its products to their absolute limit...

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Finance Blog 3

Simon Lewin, 02 October 2019

Welcome to the third product blog for Bromcom’s Finance module. So much has happened in the past few months; it has been a blur. We have had...

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A New Primary Tracker for Assessment

Richard King, 04 April 2019

The first main release of Bromcom’s MIS is almost due to go live. As I promised in my last blog in February, we’ll be introducing functionality for Clubs and Trips, so I thought I’d give you a bit more information about some of the options we have built into Clubs, bef...

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The Start of Something BI-g

Ed Cadwallader, 14 March 2019

Although the move to academies and multi academy trusts has been controversial, it is undeniable that we are seeing more innovation from MATs than was the case when schools were run by local authorities. This is unsurprising given that in MATs schools are united by vis...

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Bromcom Clubs Feature

Richard King, 01 February 2019

Hello, and welcome to the Bromcom Product Blog. So far this year we have been busy continuing to make the improvements to the user interface that John mentioned in his blog post last year. This work is ongoing, and there is much more to come, but I wanted to share with...

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Bromcom’s Finance

Simon Lewin, 17 January 2019

Welcome to the second product blog for Bromcom’s Finance module and welcome to 2019. I hope you enjoyed your time-off with family and friends and wish you a successful year. 2019 is a milestone in the development of Bromcom Finance as it goes live and starts to reall...

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Bromcom’s MAT Vision

Ed Cadwallader, 15 January 2019

Bromcom’s MAT Vision has removed a great barrier to efficiency many of our MAT customers faced as it means data flows automatically from Bromcom and SIMS MIS systems into a central warehouse and so they no longer need to manually chase schools for data and manually add...

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Visit Bromcom at The Bett Show 2019

Navina Cheema, 18 December 2018

Date: Wednesday 23rd January 2019 – Saturday 26th January 2019 / Location: Excel London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, E16 1XL / Hall: N1-19 / Bromcom Stand: B320 / Bromcom has been the innovator of School Management Information Systems for 30 years. Bromcom is...

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Product Blog and Latest Developments

John Condon, 13 December 2018

Welcome to the last product blog of the current year from the team here at Bromcom. Let me take the opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas, a happy new year, feliz navidad, season’s greetings, happy holidays and all that stuff. In the vein of looking forwards a...

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Finance Module Blog

Simon Lewin, 20 November 2018

Welcome to the first product blog for Bromcom’s new Finance module. Being new, I will start by giving a brief walk through of its key facilities and put it in the context of Bromcom’s offering. Bromcom Finance is an optional suite of functions that extends the Bromcom...

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Bromcom Analytics

Ed Cadwallader, 26 October 2018

This Autumn we are proud to launch Bromcom Analytics, a set of Reports and Dashboards that combine metrics from across the MIS in one place, allowing you to take the pulse of your school’s performance in seconds and investigate troublesome indicators to get the story b...

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Welcoming Product Blog

John Condon, 18 October 2018

Welcome to Bromcom’s product blog, this is going to be the first of an ongoing series of articles from the product management team covering a broad range of subjects from current best practice to upcoming developments and everything in between. They will be coming ever...

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