Empowering Educational Excellence.

Bromcom has partnered with the Education Authority in Northern Ireland to provide MIS services to 1,100 schools.

Ground-breaking partnership.

Bromcom is already used by thousands of schools in the UK, and we are now bringing our market-leading Management Information System (MIS) to Northern Ireland. Our working relationship with Education Authority (EA) Northern Ireland initially started in the 1990’s, where our eRegistration devices were used by schools all across the country. Fast forward to 2022, and the EA Northern Ireland tendered to replace the School Management System in all their 1,100 schools and expand to other educational settings. With the EdIS Strategic Partner and School Management System, EA has secured the implementation of a world leading, cloud-based, functionally rich solution to replace the current on-premises solution. This decision concluded over 4 years of collaboration and communication between ourselves and EA Northern Ireland, and we are naturally delighted at the outcome.

Project Objectives.

The goal of the project is to provide high quality, sustainable, core education technology services to schools and to ensure that they are appropriate to meet the current and future needs of school children, young people, teachers, school leaders, parents, and guardians in Northern Ireland. These objectives include:

  • Putting the learner at the centre of the service
  • Enhancing stakeholder communication across the education sector
  • Supporting improved collaboration across all schools and stakeholders
  • Reducing duplication of data and the administrative burden of the system for all users in Northern Ireland

New features will be tailored and customised for Northern Ireland’s Education sector in order to enhance the functions that schools currently utilise and to specifically suit the requirements of the education community in Northern Ireland.

Meet the Bromcom Northern Ireland team.

John McMullan

Executive Head of EANI Programme

Scott Biggs

Principal Education Consultant (EANI Programme)

Darren Lemon

Head of Client Services

Jennie McFarland

Principal Executive Assistant

Osman Erener

Head of NI Operations

Liam O'Brien

Helpdesk Team Lead

Katie De Matos

Training Team Manager

Louise Needham

Lead Customer Success Manager

Mike Ellis

Migration Lead

Chris Wordie

Senior Project Manager