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Bromcom MIS helps thousands of primary schools to drive improvement, with comprehensive functionality, simple navigation and reduced admin burden.

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We have the most comprehensive offering in the marketplace, meaning you can ditch costly third parties and enjoy a truly integrated MIS.

Access our MIS and free apps from any online device with a web browser, for complete flexibility and peace of mind. Our platform is tried, tested and secure in Microsoft Azure.

Manage students in Bromcom MIS

Our MIS makes it easy to manage students. With real time notifications, attendance tracking and safeguarding management, teachers can focus their time more effectively.

Revoke, grant or limit access to virtually every feature within the MIS, to ensure confidential data and administrative features are protected.

Supporting every stakeholder in your school.

Teacher Dashboard

Teachers using Bromcom can take advantage of our bespoke teacher dashboard, which brings all the key features they need into a single, easy to understand screen. From the moment they log in, teachers can take their registers, log behaviour events, send an email/sms message and much more all from a single screen.


Reporting has been made easy in Bromcom. We have dozens of ready made reports, each of which serve specific purposes such as attendance certificates and communication logs. We also have a quick report builder, which lets users choose which data items to include and export the findings straight into excel/word, or schedule the report to be sent via email.


For school leaders, one major benefit is the ability or potential to move away from costly third-parties. With Bromcom One-Stop Shop, safeguarding, online payments, behaviour and catering are all built in, negating the need to sync with other programs. Alternative, Bromcom has strong integration capabilities should you wish to retain your third party solutions.

Evaluate impact & inform decisions

Bromcom offers a wide range of live data dashboards, which present crucial data and KPIs in an easy-to-read screen. Monitor attendance, KS2 or safeguarding data for the entire school or specific cohorts, with the ability to compare against past benchmarks and export into excel.

Automate workflow

This could be anything from automated attendance letters sent to parents when they reach thresholds, to the headteacher being automatically notified of a bullying incident.

Be more proactive

Our range of dashboards allow you to identify issues before they get out of hand. In addition, you can setup dynamic groups which automatically add or remove students based on criteria such as their attendance.

Encourage engagement

Bromcom helps to keep parents engaged and informed, particularly through our MyChildAtSchool app, where they can view school messages, upcoming trips or outstanding homework for their child in real time. Take advantage of free push notifications for MyChildAtSchool which deliver straight to parent's devices.

Book & pay for services

Bromcom offers great flexibility regarding clubs, trips and wraparound care. With the ability to enable instalments, part payments, offline payments and prevent negative balances, you can tailor these activities to suit both the school and the children. Through MyChildAtSchool, parents have the ability to register their children for clubs/trips and make payments while the MIS keeps track of the finances.


The most fully featured MIS on the market.

Bromcom's Integrated school Finance software is an alternative to SIMS FMS

Online Payments

Bromcom offers a comprehensive online payments module, which provides schools with their own online store and the ability to manage payments within the MIS. Schools can sell stationary, uniform and products to parents through our MyChildAtSchool portal, as well as receive payments for products and services such as trips or tickets for the school play.


Bromcom MIS brings attendance to the forefront. Registers can be taken quickly, easily and via multiple locations, while our today's missing registers page helps to keep track of any outstanding or late registers. Attendance officers will love our manage attendance page, which is designed to oversee and manage school wide attendance, allowing for past or present day attendance to be overwritten as needed.

Manage parents evenings in Bromcom Primary School MIS

Parents Evenings

Bromcom MIS offers built in parents evening functionality. With an array of configurations and options available, parents evenings can be created to suit any scenario and provide total oversight as parents begin booking their timeslots. If required, the auto allocate option can also assign each parent to a random appointment removing any admin burden.

Census and Statutory returns in Bromcom Primary School MIS

Census & Statutory Returns

Bromcom MIS conforms to all of the DfE’s statutory data collection requirements. We provide the tools to create school returns easily and seamlessly, including Spring, Autumn and Staff workforce Census.

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Trusted by thousands of teachers and parents.

Our cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere, allowing teachers, parents and business managers to support pupils from any device. Our My Child At School (MCAS) App is free on the Apple and Google app stores

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The deciding factor for us was Bromcom's streamlined approach to management systems. Unlike SIMS, which required numerous bolt-ons and incurred significant costs, Bromcom's One-Stop Shop simplifies everything. Workflows in the MIS will save considerable administration time. Data entry is a breeze - input it once, and it's seamlessly available across the entire MIS and other modules. This efficiency boost has transformed our operations, from HR to Budgeting and Finance, resulting in significant time savings and cost efficiencies."

Nahbila Sher

Thamesmead School

We have been very happy with Bromcom Finance since onboarding.  We were supported all the way with several transition meetings covering questions and received training and support in different areas of the module.  There is much more flexibility in using the system being web based. It is user friendly and easy to navigate."

Mary Avant

Oaks Park High School

Being part of the support community has been incredibly rewarding. The collective spirit and genuine help exchanged here are truly remarkable. It's a source of inspiration and reassurance. I've found valuable insights, shared experiences, and a network of understanding individuals. This community goes above and beyond, creating a positive space for growth and connection."

Christine Vincent

Harewood Centre Nursey School

MCAS has transformed our communication approach, offering incredible capabilities. Our internal adoption built confidence, and the gradual introduction to parents has been a success, leading to steady progress. The product's effectiveness is evident, and we eagerly await full implementation. Milestone achievements with MCAS bring immense excitement, highlighting its positive impact on our communication processes. This powerful tool has significantly boosted our overall efficiency and connectivity, making it an invaluable asset for our organization."

Todorka Rolfe

Courthouse Junior School

Community communication has transformed for us with the ability to easily connect through email. It's become a game changer, especially for family dynamics. Now, staying in touch with parents and sharing updates is effortless. This shift has strengthened our bonds and made the flow of information dynamic and efficient. Truly, a positive change in the way we connect and engage with our family."

Ayla Young

City Of Birmingham School

Bromcom exceeds SIMs in flexibility, transforming our experience. Compared to our longstanding use of SIMs, tasks are now quicker and more user-friendly. The platform's agility is a standout feature, enhancing our efficiency. Specifically, the improved report generation is noteworthy, offering a superior experience to our previous SIMs usage. Bromcom has seamlessly integrated into our workflow, providing a streamlined and superior solution for our needs."

The platform's all-in-one convenience is a game-changer. Quick access to information streamlines my workflow. Exporting data, especially personnel and absence details, to Excel is a breeze. The document section with guidance notes is invaluable. Overall, its efficiency and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for effortlessly managing information. I'm thoroughly impressed."

Rachel Franzen

Alwyn Infants School

"Embracing the new system revolutionized our approach to parents' evening and communication. With seamless processes, user-friendly access, and robust reporting features, it surpassed our expectations. The decision to transition was driven by the platform's remarkable capabilities, enriching our connection with parents and simplifying administrative tasks. Undoubtedly, it's a cornerstone for our school community, delivering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.""

Carole Ward

Ashton-Under-Hill First School

"Discovering this platform was a game-changer for me. The user-friendly home page and efficient dashboard streamline my daily tasks, especially with quick access to attendance reports for the children. Although navigating some features can be a bit indirect, the outstanding helpdesk support compensates. The team is brilliant and responsive, making any challenges worthwhile. Overall, a valuable tool for managing tasks and accessing vital information effortlessly.""

Vicki Walker

Millbrook School

"The school management app has truly transformed our communication and efficiency. Access to contact information has greatly improved teacher collaboration. Despite initial resistance to the timetable feature, I'm confident it will streamline processes. The remote access is a game-changer, offering flexibility. The app's messaging feature ensures swift communication with parents, promoting a connected and informed school community. It's a valuable tool that has positively impacted our overall workflow and parent engagement.""

Jo Gordon

The Academy School

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