Local Authority Partnerships.

Join the long list of Local Authorities empowering their maintained Schools, by partnering with Bromcom.

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Provide your Schools with the tools to thrive.

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The most complete MIS on the market, with built in Safeguarding, Assessment, Communication & more. ​

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Bromcom offers fully integrated Finance, including Ledgers, Orders, Suppliers, Budgeting & much more.​

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Vision provides an overview of data for all Schools within your LA. Drill down into specific Schools or report collectively. ​

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Bromcom can connect with your existing third-party providers, or help you move away from them with our One-stop shop package. ​

We’re currently working with over 25 Local Authorities, including:.

• West Sussex County Council • Brighton & Hove City Council • Coventry City Council • Leicestershire County Council • Somerset County Council

We’re here to help.

We work with Local Authorities in aggregate procurement to help them get the best deal for their Schools. If aggregated procurement is not an option, we are happy to work with Local Authorities to find the best solutions for their schools, at the best price. We work in partnership with LAs and support teams to make sure that schools are able to continue using their valued support services, no matter which MIS they choose.

Everything where you need it.

Improve as a collective.

Vision, our central hub of operations, provides intuitive dashboards and flexible analytics, enabling you to prioritise data and the people behind it. Vision provides you with the oversight required to identify areas for improvement, compare statistics & cascade data, permissions and policies from a central location.

An all inclusive system.

We've worked with the education community to build a comprehensive product perfectly tailored to connect students, parents and schools with Local Authority leaders. Bromcom consolidates all your data and functionality into a single, seamless One-Stop Shop solution, so say goodbye to costly bolt-ons and limited functionality.

Finance at your fingertips.

Bromcom Finance lets you accurately assess where your budget is spent; control your financials and forecast for the future, all without leaving the MIS. Operate efficiently through a single interface, without Third Party software or data syncs slowing you down.

Total Cost of Ownership​.

We’ve spent the best part of 40 years supporting schools, developing innovative tools that allow them to work in more productive ways. Over the past decade, we’ve joined forces with Local Authorities throughout the UK to help them raise standards and build better life chances for young people. With help from schools and industry experts, we’ve created an MIS Total Cost of Ownership calculator. Its purpose is to demonstrate how much schools are spending and explore the potential to make savings with Bromcom.

Accredited partners.

Moving to Bromcom does not mean LAs lose hosting opportunities. On the contrary, Bromcom permits third parties to host our MIS and Finance products, providing LAs with an opportunity to generate income or pass on discounts to schools. For LAs who have invested in infrastructure and are concerned about retaining the right to host SIMS on behalf of schools, Bromcom provides a flexible and cost-effective alternative. Please get in touch if this is something you'd like to discuss in more detail.

Local Authority Case Studies.

Thanks to our diligent onboarding and training processes, mixed with decades of experience, we have partnered with large LAs around the country to help improve operations throughout their Schools. These include West Sussex Country Council (200+ establishments) & Coventry City Council (45 establishments) in the last 24 months.​ To find out more about Coventry's procurement process and eventual decision to select Bromcom, read our full Coventry case study below. ​

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