Vision for Local Authorities.

Bromcom Vision acts as a central data hub for LAs, providing an online portal for analysing and collating data from multiple schools, encouraging stakeholders to collaborate and assess performance.

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Improve as a collective.

Deploy changes in an instant. Implement updates to policy, deliver communications and update software from one centre of operations.​

Total visibility over all of your data from across your schools. Assess at macro or micro level with live information to inform best practice.

Manage access for those who need it. Create privileges and protocols to ensure information is accessed by the correct teams at all times.​

Manage students in Bromcom MIS

Lower costs, system consolidation, fewer manual processes, scalability to grow as the LA expands

Supporting every stakeholder.

Always notified

Rather than having to rely on conversations and hoping that information is passed on, staff are notified of key events for their students via their teacher dashboard. For example, this could be something as simple as one of their students being bullied during the lunch break. The teacher can now take this into consideration when working with them and ensure that their own response helps to improve the student’s wellbeing.

Minimise screen time

When information is scattered, it becomes harder to share with the right people. Staff end up working in silos so no-one gets to see the full picture of a student, especially at the Trust level. Our teacher dashboard handles all their tasks from one screen so staff can have more time to engage with pupils and build good relationships. From the moment they log in, teachers can take their registers, log behaviour events, send an email/sms message and much more all in one place.

Central Configuration

Vision allows LAs to manage and implement changes for their schools, from one single location. Once decisions are made at trust level, settings or resources can be implemented centrally, and then cascaded down to every school In one process. This ensures consistency and compliance, while providing your schools with the most up to date features and resources.

Identify trends and issues

Our range of dashboards allow you to identify issues before they get out of hand. In addition, you can setup dynamic groups which automatically add or remove students based on criteria such as their attendance. A great example is having a persistent absentee group. Throughout the year, you’ll be notified when students drop into these groups so you can act on them immediately.

Drill down capability

While excelling at providing LAs with an overview of their schools, Vision also goes one step further. The built in drill down functionality allows central teams to dig deeper into individual schools, helping to identify areas for improvement, implement changes, or extract data, all from one location.

Key Benefits

Derive information from across your community.

Deploy changes easily

Activate LA-wide changes in just a few clicks. Vision allows central teams to implement polices, reports and configurations, which are then cascaded down to every school to ensure consistency. Schools can operate autonomously without central teams losing the ability to report or manage change.

One click exports

Download and transfer information from across your schools in moments. Notify stakeholders of performance or send pupil premium data to key stage leaders in an instant. No need for manual processing, its done for you.

Global to granular analysis

Simply login and select which of your schools you would like to drill down into, or run LA-wide analytics to identify which schools are underperforming.

Integrated Power BI Viewer

The entirety of the database can be queried via a secure, automated feed, powering dashboards that can then be embedded in Vision or the School MIS. Accessed like any other area of the product, they offer a secure, read-only view of the dataset. Displaying the exact visualisations and key performance indicators your group want to track.

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