Vision for Local Authorities.

Bromcom Vision acts as a central data hub for LAs, providing an online portal for analysing and collating data from multiple schools, encouraging stakeholders to collaborate and assess performance.

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Improve as a collective.

central management

Benchmark data.

Deploy changes in an instant. Implement updates to policy, deliver trust-wide communications and update software from one centre of operations.​

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Power to you.

Total visibility over all of your data from across your schools. Assess at macro or micro level with live information to inform best practice.

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Authorising access.

Manage access for those who need it. Create privileges and protocols to ensure information is accessed by the correct teams at all times.​

Strategic Insight and Analytics.

Vision empowers users to take the next step, comparing performance, identifying issues, taking actions and assessing impacts. It supports collaboration between schools, highlighting and sharing good practice, making data accessible to all relevant partners. Analyse at top level, click into a school then drill right down to the individual. ​​

Live data Dashboards.

With a wide array of analytics built-in, users can assess a variety of KPI’s related to Attendance, Behaviour, Exclusions and more. Charts can be broken down by pastoral groups, including Pupil Premium, Ethnicity and Gender. Drill into data tables and export to Excel with the click of a button. ​

Microsoft Power BI.

Unique to Bromcom, is our integrated Power BI Viewer. The entirety of the database can be queried via a secure, automated feed, powering dashboards that can then be embedded in Vision or the school MIS. Accessed like any other area of the product, they offer a secure, read-only view of the dataset. Displaying the exact visualisations and key performance indicators your group want to track.

Key Benefits for Local Authorities & Support Teams.

Bromcom Vision presents a range of opportunities for Local Authorities and Support teams. Both for income generation, customer retention and service improvement.

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Increased Collaboration.

Vision allows LAs to strengthen the collaboration and connection between departments, ensuring key data is collected more efficiently. This also allows for smaller teams, which can in turn reduce cost on staff and training.

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New products and services.

Vision presents opportunities to create products and services, both for use within the LA, and for schools within your remit. This oversight can provide a monthly data comparison service for local schools to help identify areas for improvement.

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Increased support.

Vision presents opportunities to create new products for use within the LA, such as dashboards, data collection tools and policies which can be distributed from a central location.

Reduced burden on schools.

Through Vision, Local Authorities now have the power to constantly gather data in a timely manner, reducing the need for schools to obtain and provide it. This allows LAs to reconcile throughout the year to ensure schools and students are achieving positive outcomes, identifying areas for improvement more efficiently. The timelier gathering of data can aid greatly with assessment, exam or census data.

Accurate transport records.

With the ability to drill down into attendance sessions and codes, Vision helps you to see the full picture, by validating claims for transport against actual attendance data recorded within the schools. This ensures funding and resources are well allocated based on actual demand and resources required.

Improved outcomes for children.

Ultimately, Vision empowers LAs and schools to create better outcomes for children. This happens through the live sync between Bromcom MIS and Vision, ensuring student data is fed to the LA promptly, and being able to identify potential causes for concern such as persistent absences or long-term sickness.

vision-x vs any MIS

Compatible with a range of MIS.

If your schools are currently using a range of different MIS providers, or moving to Bromcom in phases, you can still pull their data into Vision and ensure that no school is left behind. You'll always have complete oversight, and can carry out key reporting for all schools.