Finance at the heart of your schools.

Bromcom Finance is a robust, cloud-based accounting system that is fully integrated with Bromcom MIS, making it a truly unique offering in the market place for maintained schools and LAs.

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Designed for schools.

Reporting and analysis are made simple, thanks to live data feeds and out of the box integration with Bromcom MIS.

Purchases from our parent portal are automatically processed and allocated, removing the need for manual accounting or management.

Our fully cloud-based system means less paper and streamlined processes as key data is securely stored under one roof.

Work comfortably, knowing that changes made throughout the system are taking affect and updating in real time.

Supporting every stakeholder in your school.

Staff Contracts

One major benefit of Bromcom's Finance product is the natural integration it offers with our MIS. Data such as staff contracts, salary spine points and base pay structures can be easily called upon when needed and used for analysis.

Statutory returns

Our solution is fully compliant with DfE and other statutory returns, such as Consistent Finance Reporting (CFR). With everything under one roof, you can save time on cross referencing and carry out tasks more efficiently.

Online Payment Mapping

Online Payment mapping is readily available within Bromcom Finance. Simply find the product you require from the list, double click, and enter the key information, such as the Ledger Code and your bank account. Once the data is saved, all future purchases of said product will be mapped accordingly.

Budgeting Dashboard

Bromcom Finance generates live dashboards for the leadership team, so you can keep track of your accounts without the need for static reports. Our dashboards feature expandable and exportable data widgets, to make the data handling process much smoother.

Key benefits

Take control of your finances.

Adaptable to any school

Our finance solution is designed to be adaptable and help schools in a variety of positions. This includes schools with their own bank account, schools with no bank account that transfer files to their LA, and mixed schools that manage some elements in house and some centrally.

Reduced Cost

By opting for our integrated finance solution, you can break your dependance on third party providers and reduce your costs. By harnessing a true all in one system, you can collate your data into a single, cost effective point of truth.

Increased Support and accreditation

We know that schools like their local support, so we want to strengthen it. As well as our own support teams and resources, we provide the tools required for accreditation to strengthen existing support arrangements, not reduce them.

Consistent development

At Bromcom, we work with our end users to enhance our products, and finance is no different. By working with user groups and our continuous development program, we not only maintain but improve our solution to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers.

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The input systems are impressively straightforward, yet remarkably effective. With minimal effort, we’ve integrated them seamlessly into our workflow. The ‘pathways’ aspect is particularly intuitive, enhancing our productivity significantly. These systems have proven to be reliable and efficient, making our daily tasks much smoother. We’re extremely satisfied with their performance and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a simple yet powerful solution."

Aaron Armstrong

James Calvert Spence College

I appreciate the user-friendly interface of the system, which contrasts favourably with SIMs or FMS. Its streamlined process allows me to work across multiple tabs efficiently, providing immediate updates with a simple refresh. This feature significantly enhances my productivity and simplifies my workflow, making it a standout choice for managing tasks effectively."

Laura Wingrove

Elm Grove Primary School

Bromcom interlinks seamlessly with other systems we use, such as CPOMS, making integration straightforward. Its compatibility with various platforms simplifies our processes and enhances efficiency. I find it very user-friendly and easy to work with, significantly improving our workflow. Overall, Bromcom is an excellent tool for managing our systems, and I highly recommend it for its ease of use and effective integration capabilities."

Laura Ponter

Lawley Primary School

The recent update is a game-changer! Now, when I access suppliers, I can effortlessly scroll to view all invoices, payments, and purchase orders in one place. It’s a significant improvement over the previous system, where navigating back and forth was necessary. This streamlined process saves time and enhances efficiency. Truly a commendable enhancement that has simplified."

Debbie Camp

Barton Primary School

We appreciate the platform’s communication aspect, especially the unique log for each pupil—it’s brilliant. The interface is user-friendly, allowing quick access to a student’s data with just one click from the list. This seamless integration of communication and data management significantly enhances our educational experience."

Anne Henesey

Brampton Abbotts CofE Primary School

I highly recommend Bromcom for its cloud-based service, especially to those accustomed to on-site services. The transition from SIM to Bromcom’s cloud solution has been seamless, offering superior technical implementation. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient cloud service."

Michael O'Brien

Penistone Grammar School

Transitioning from a management background, finance wasn’t my initial forte. However, I found it surprisingly easy to grasp. I now enjoy working with financial concepts and have seamlessly integrated them into my skill set."

Chris Kirk

St Andrew's CofE High School

With this system, we can see what our students are seeing and stay informed through announcements to parents. It enhances our communication and keeps us connected with their learning process."

Victoria Deathridge-Clark

Ward End Primary School

Bromcom has revolutionized our administrative tasks, streamlining them for enhanced efficiency. The user-friendly interface and wealth of resources, such as instructional videos, have been instrumental in our smooth transition. Bromcom's intuitive payment reconciliation system has made managing finances a breeze. The addition of the shop feature has empowered us to embrace cashless transactions effortlessly. In summary, Bromcom has not only met but exceeded our expectations, revolutionizing our operational processes."

Liz Wilmshurst

Fittleworth CofE Village School

Having tried various systems, this one stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers without the hassle of multiple platforms. It’s user-friendly, reliable, and by far the best we’ve used. It’s not just a tool; it’s the solution to our communication challenges. Highly recommended for any educational setting looking for a seamless experience."

Julie Heslop

Horbury Academy