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Breaking news: migrating from SIMS to Bromcom is legally the safest, quickest and most comprehensively scoped switch on the market

Breaking news: migrating from SIMS to Bromcom is legally the safest, quickest and most comprehensively scoped switch on the market

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migrating from SIMS to Bromcom is legally the safest, quickest and most comprehensive scope switch on the market

The CMA has announced its decision to proceed with an investigation into ESS’ conduct, and the restrictions they have attempted to impose on schools migrating their data to other MIS providers. This development follows Bromcom’s claim that switching to Bromcom MIS is ‘safe, authorised and legal’.

Further information has now also been brought to light by Bromcom which shows that restrictions on data migration were spurious in the first place. A publicly available page on the ESS website states: ‘It would be naïve for ESS to assume that the SIMS database is not accessed via SQL.’

In other words, while ESS does not support access to the SIMS database, it is accepted that it can and does happen; furthermore:

  • There is no restriction that prevents schools accessing the database via SQL
  • There is no reference to Intellectual Property Rights
  • The only charge to schools would be for any ‘fixes’ that might be required – not relevant if simply taking a backup for migration.

Why you can trust Bromcom

  1. Further to our previous post on this topic, we are happy to restate our offer of indemnification against any legal costs arising from potential action by ESS Ltd.
  2. Bromcom is the only leading MIS supplier that has a long-standing technical partnership with ESS, since 2003, following a ruling by the Office of Fair Trading (the precursor to CMA) that secured data inter-operability. This granted Bromcom access and rights to SIMS SQL .bak that no other MIS supplier has.
  3. Our ‘Buy Back’ offer allows you to switch to Bromcom without having to pay for your old system. We’ll discount the cost of our contract based on what you owe your existing supplier so you can move to a modern MIS and Finance system today. This offer is for schools and MATs, and applies to any outstanding MIS or Finance contract of up to three years.
  4. Bromcom has helped thousands of schools, MATs and local authorities make the switch to Bromcom, a process which is tried and tested.

Our partnership with Bromcom has been game changing, a breath of fresh air. From start to finish, the process was smoother than I could have hoped for, and we are now in a place where all our schools are collaborating and helping each other, rather than depending solely on our support

Ollie Burnett, Systems Lead, Coventry City Council

I am very grateful to the Bromcom team. I really appreciate the high level of support they have provided for our schools, particularly given the ambitious migration timeline.

Chiquita Henson, Corinium Education Trust

Upon switching to Bromcom, the customer service immediately stood out. The team, especially during setup and training, was incredibly helpful. The entire onboarding process was executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression. I’ve been enthusiastically recommending Bromcom to other schools – It’s not just a service; it’s a transformative experience for any educational institution.

Anita Sparrow, Millfields Primary School

Interested in switching MIS?

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