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Thames – Copy

Customer Rating: 10/10

One of the things, is the third-party functionality. So long term across the trust where you’re not having to pick up different contracts and you can run them down, that was a real beneficial thing that we could see generating savings in the long run so that we could put more of that money into the education pot for the kids.

Kam Baines

Headteacher Designate

Thames Park

Customer Rating: 10/10

Being able to get a quick overview of key data at each academy will save countless hours on compiling various spreadsheets and using different systems. This includes obtaining a simple snapshot of demographics or forensically monitoring attainment in order to share best practice.

Neil Miley

Executive Principal


Customer Rating: 10/10

The attendance team loves the Multi Academy Vision portal. They can see the whole trust from a single portal, rather than having to dip into individual instances to extract and collate data in spreadsheets. It has saved so much time.

Glenn Perinn

IT Strategic Lead

Eko Trust

Customer Rating: 10/10

Staff were working midnight hours to get the data out and into Spreadsheets. We needed a central approach to consolidate data across the trust. Bromcom was the only solution that would be able to provide the aggregated data from across the schools.

Michael Ward

IT Development Manager

Wickersley Partnership Trust

Customer Rating: 9/10

What was quite impressive was in between the first presentation and in person demo, there was the addition of the walk through help function. It was clear that there was those kinds of developments going on all the time, and from a feature point of view, and the fact that you were willing to continuously develop your product is what helped us to decide you were better for us.

Gary Towers

Assistant Headteacher


Customer Rating: 10/10

The level of reporting has always been a key thing for me from Bromcom. Providing that value at MAT level where you can do something once, and transparently deploy it to multiple sites. Bromcom is the only MIS that does it natively and out of the box.


Multi Academy Trust

Accord Multi Academy Trust

Customer Rating: 10/10

We had the hosted MIS version onsite. When you come and look at the servers, and server upgrades, the amount of time and effort it takes to redeploy and upgrade hosted servers, was one of my main motivations to switch.

Dominic Taylor

Chief Operations Director and GDPR Lead

Reading School

Customer Rating: 9/10

As a Trust we have several schools and may have more joining us in the future, it has helped to have one MIS provider and even though all of the schools have different requirements from the system we are able to set them up to suit the individual schools needs.

Debbie Williams

Data, Exams & Assessment Manager

Hampton Trust

Customer Rating: 9/10

Setting up MAT Vision-X has been very simple and quick and it instantly provides, through a simple dashboard, the type of headline data a multi academy trust regularly requires. Rather than having to contact each school for updated student numbers, or a breakdown of free school meal numbers, key data is always available centrally and no more than 24 hours old. Trends in behaviour, attendance, exclusions or staff absence are easy to identify and track and a more detailed analysis is available if required. Data can be interrogated from trust-level to individual student level in an intuitive way. Not only will valuable staff time be saved, but an enhanced analysis of data will be possible through the use of MAT Vision-X.

Robert Isaac

Operations Director

Bourne Education Trust

Customer Rating: 9/10

Bromcom’s customer support is excellent, I like the daily transition calls, the response time is brilliant and of course the product itself is very good.

Phillip Furnival Jones

Data Manager

Ark Globe Academy

Customer Rating: 10/10

Bromcom is a revelation – so user friendly and intuitive. Has made tracking and entering student data so much easier and faster to access!

Helen Palmer

IT Team

Harris Federation

Customer Rating: 9/10

I really like the system. I really like the cost centre chart of accounts enquiry screen, this is a really helpful tool to quickly look at a cost centre. Another feature which is great is that you can copy journals, this is a great advantage especially as we put so many on our system.

Sasha Udaw

Business Operations Manager

Colville Primary School

Customer Rating: 10/10

I love the look and feel of the Finance module: modern, user friendly and easy to navigate. Processing transactions which then appear like magic on my bank reconciliation without having to close screens is a huge plus! The ability to email invoices and purchase orders automatically is also a huge time saver.

Jane Peterson


Fielding Primary School

Customer Rating: 9/10

What I like about Bromcom Finance module is that it is constantly improving! Bromcom have supported a local network of users of the product and they are open to feedback, using this in their aim to continually make improvements both to functionality and user interface. We feel as though we have a working relationship with them as well has having a great product.

Wendy Whistler

Business Manager

Swavesey Primary School

Customer Rating: 10/10

The biggest reason we liked Bromcom was because it had the parent App, and as we focus a lot on parental engagement, we wanted a one-stop place for parents to be able to log in and do things. The set up was also fairly simply.

Christine Zanelli


Yorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust

Customer Rating: 9/10

Bromcom Vision X has given our Executives and Stakeholders a spot light view of our Academies regardless of what MIS our Academies use, facilitating access to high level analytical data such as Covid-19 trends, behaviour, Attendance, assessment and overall staffing in real-time without the need to take valuable time away from Academy staff

Ian Burns

Information Governance & Strategic ICT Lead

Nexus Multi Academy Trust

Customer Rating: 9/10

Trends are easy to identify and track with a more detailed analysis available if required. Data can be interrogated from trust-level to individual student level in an intuitive way. Not only will valuable staff time be saved, but an enhanced analysis of data will be possible through the use of MAT Vision-X.

Robert Isaac

Operations Director

Bourne Education Trust

Customer Rating: 10/10

The project to onboard 53 Oasis Academies to Bromcom in three months has been an overwhelming success. Working closely in partnership, we were able to deliver complex data migrations ahead of schedule.

Jim Gardner

Head of Strategic IT Projects

Oasis Community Learning

Customer Rating: 10/10

On a strategic value, with a Power BI integration, all staff at all levels can readily access meaningful reports and meaningful data in order to support their roles. It was a fantastic move as a company to have this built in.

Ian Burns

Information Governance and Strategic ICT Lead

Bader Academy

Customer Rating: 10/10

We’ve got 14 schools, all with different MIS systems. When we had Bromcom’s demo, we realised it was more than just the trust features that could be improved, it was also the way our schools can transform the way they work. Everyone in the room was wowed by what it could do.

Wayne Perry

Data Manager

Arthur Terry