Bromcom AI: The future of Cloud MIS.

Bromcom AI is your school co-pilot, giving you actionable insights and reducing workload

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Integrated AI at the heart of the MIS.

Open AI integration.

Bromcom AI harnesses the AI features offered by Microsoft Azure and Open AI to provide secure access to AI models.​

Integrated within the MIS.

Bromcom AI is by your side to support and streamline key tasks such as communication, reporting and lesson planning.​

Multi-lingual capabilities.

Bromcom AI uses the power of the Large Language Models to provide accurate text translation to various other languages, in seconds.

Saving you time

General Queries.

Through its connections via Open AI to Chat GPT, Bromcom AI can assist with finding public information and assisting with general knowledge questions not related to your school or data. Bromcom AI gives you all the information you need, without having to leave the MIS.

Content Generation​.

Bromcom AI doesn’t just draft emails, it can draft Lesson Plans, Quizzes and Homework too. When carrying out these tasks, use the Bromcom AI prompt to create them on your behalf. Approve the topics that you wish to use or make amendments where you see fit. You can assign quizzes and homework directly to students and the quizzes will be automatically marked, saving valuable teacher time.​

Quick Letters and Emails​.

Draft Quick Letters and Emails in seconds, with Bromcom AI. Enter a prompt or topic, select the ideal tone and length, then press Create. Bromcom AI can create professional letters home to parents, encouraging reminder emails or comprehensive information packs in seconds. Translation into multiple languages is also a button click away.​

Giving you insights.

Internal Data.

Coming soon, Bromcom AI connects to the heart of your MIS, making it easier to find the actionable data you need. Analysing student or staff attendance, behaviour, interventions, all is possible using simple language rather than designing complex reports. Timetabling will also become AI-enabled.

Permissions and controls.

Bromcom AI has a comprehensive set of permissions so that you can control who has access. Internal school data stays within the Bromcom Cloud and is never shared with the AI, and no information sent externally to the AI is retained or used to train the model.

Identify Trends.

Bromcom AI is available to quickly identify trends. Discover underlying connections, between Attendance, Behaviour, Assessment and Safeguarding, with help of Bromcom AI. Save time and create new insights for stakeholders such as school leaders, governors or trust executives.

Student Reports.

Coming soon, Bromcom AI will be able to give you a summary report for a class or group, highlighting key aspects of attendance, behaviour or special educational needs. Bromcom AI will also support teachers with termly or end of year report writing, summarising academic data and producing a comment that is personalised to each student.

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