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Customer Rating: 8/10

The input systems are impressively straightforward, yet remarkably effective. With minimal effort, we’ve integrated them seamlessly into our workflow. The ‘pathways’ aspect is particularly intuitive, enhancing our productivity significantly. These systems have proven to be reliable and efficient, making our daily tasks much smoother. We’re extremely satisfied with their performance and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a simple yet powerful solution.

Aaron Armstrong

IT Manager

James Calvert Spence College

Customer Rating: 9/10

I highly recommend Bromcom for its cloud-based service, especially to those accustomed to on-site services. The transition from SIM to Bromcom’s cloud solution has been seamless, offering superior technical implementation. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient cloud service.

Michael O'Brien

Director of IT & Data

Penistone Grammar School

Customer Rating: 8/10

Transitioning from a management background, finance wasn’t my initial forte. However, I found it surprisingly easy to grasp. I now enjoy working with financial concepts and have seamlessly integrated them into my skill set.

Chris Kirk

School Business Manager

St Andrew's CofE High School

Customer Rating: 8/10

Having tried various systems, this one stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers without the hassle of multiple platforms. It’s user-friendly, reliable, and by far the best we’ve used. It’s not just a tool; it’s the solution to our communication challenges. Highly recommended for any educational setting looking for a seamless experience.

Julie Heslop

Data Manager

Horbury Academy
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Customer Rating: 8/10

The deciding factor for us was Bromcom's streamlined approach to management systems. Unlike SIMS, which required numerous bolt-ons and incurred significant costs, Bromcom's One-Stop Shop simplifies everything. Workflows in the MIS will save considerable administration time. Data entry is a breeze - input it once, and it's seamlessly available across the entire MIS and other modules. This efficiency boost has transformed our operations, from HR to Budgeting and Finance, resulting in significant time savings and cost efficiencies.

Nahbila Sher

Business Manager

Thamesmead School

Customer Rating: 8/10

We have been very happy with Bromcom Finance since onboarding.  We were supported all the way with several transition meetings covering questions and received training and support in different areas of the module.  There is much more flexibility in using the system being web based. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Mary Avant

Business Manager

Oaks Park High School

Customer Rating: 8/10

Community communication has transformed for us with the ability to easily connect through email. It's become a game changer, especially for family dynamics. Now, staying in touch with parents and sharing updates is effortless. This shift has strengthened our bonds and made the flow of information dynamic and efficient. Truly, a positive change in the way we connect and engage with our family.

Ayla Young

Data Manager

City Of Birmingham School

Customer Rating: 9/10

Bromcom exceeds SIMs in flexibility, transforming our experience. Compared to our longstanding use of SIMs, tasks are now quicker and more user-friendly. The platform's agility is a standout feature, enhancing our efficiency. Specifically, the improved report generation is noteworthy, offering a superior experience to our previous SIMs usage. Bromcom has seamlessly integrated into our workflow, providing a streamlined and superior solution for our needs.

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Customer Rating: 8/10

"Bromcom revolutionized our school management, delivering on its promises with efficient handling of all administrative tasks. From student data to attendance tracking, Bromcom simplifies complexities, enabling us to prioritize education. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool for our institution. We wholeheartedly recommend Bromcom to any school in search of a reliable and effective Management Information System."

St John Fisher Catholic High School
Anonymous schools

Customer Rating: 8/10

"The modules are a stroke of brilliance! They streamline the search, making everything easily accessible. It is like having a secret map to navigate the chaos. So grateful for this simplified approach!"


Customer Rating: 8/10

"The training experience was exceptional. The webinars and separate school finance sessions were highly informative and well-organized. The school finance team did a commendable job, providing extensive training. I genuinely thought the training was excellent and beneficial for enhancing our skills and knowledge. I highly recommend it to others seeking quality education and professional development."

Allyson West

Business Manager

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee School

Customer Rating: 8/10

“Its logical design and user-friendly interface have streamlined our operations, making tasks more efficient and manageable. We are impressed with how it simplifies complex processes. It is a must-have solution for anyone looking to boost productivity and organization in their work."


Lynn Andric

Data Manager

Verulam School

Customer Rating: 8/10

The ability to send messages through student-on-staff taps is fantastic. It's a real-time-saver, and the convenience it offers is unmatched. I'm thoroughly impressed with this feature and its usefulness.

Annabelle Kelly

School Business Manager

Maiden Erlegh Chitern Edge

Customer Rating: 8/10

Exploring the flexibility of our educational management system revolutionised our workflow. The instructional videos are invaluable for new staff onboarding. The dual interface ensures seamless personalization. The student data section is a treasure trove—swift access to profiles, parent contacts, and lesson details. Updating student information and managing MCAS has become second nature. This robust tool significantly boosts our administrative efficiency and communication, making our tasks seamless and streamlined.

Chris Ashfield

ICT Support Technician

King's Norton Boys' School

Customer Rating: 10/10

Effortlessly navigating the system streamlines my tasks, while the communication portal facilitates seamless collaboration among staff. Despite not handling finances directly, the system's transparency enables me to quickly check student balances, saving time and simplifying parent interactions. It's a user-friendly solution that significantly eases my role in student support and administration.

Francesca, Julie and Lynn

Office Manager

Helen Allison School

Customer Rating: 8/10

Student search feature is a lifesaver. Searching for students is a breeze, and you do not need the full name or exact spelling. Just enter initials or partial names, and Bromcom will pull up the list you need. It is incredibly user-friendly and efficient, simplifying our administrative tasks. Bromcom has truly made managing student data a seamless experience. We're thrilled with its capabilities and the time it saves us.


Sana Junaid

Pastrol Administrator

Aim North London

Customer Rating: 10/10

Bromcom has truly transformed our educational institution. Having migrated from an archaic MIS system that left much to be desired, our experience with Bromcom has been overwhelmingly positive. Its user-friendliness is a breath of fresh air, and the extensive repository of help articles has been instrumental in our smooth transition. What is truly remarkable is the network effect – other local schools have reached out after witnessing our success with Bromcom. I have gladly become an advocate for this solution, rating it a solid ten. The recent census training, spearheaded by the exceptional, invaluable when navigating intricate processes. While there's always room for improvement, Bromcom has undoubtedly exceeded our expectations, offering an efficient solution with stellar support.

James Cox

Assistant Headteacher

St Mary’s Catholic High School (Chesterfield)

Customer Rating: 8/10

Bromcom has been a game-changer for our educational institution. Their centralized system streamlined our operations, making bulk assignments a breeze. The behaviour management tools are outstanding. Our success manager, Jonathan, provided exceptional support. Bromcom is an invaluable partner in our journey towards academic excellence.

Sultanaz Begum

Admin Officer

Azhar Academy Girls School

Customer Rating: 9/10

Bromcom has truly revolutionized our school management. With the ability to multitask using multiple tabs, it enhances efficiency like never before. User-friendly and visually appealing, it presents all vital information at our fingertips. From student profiles to detentions, managing everything is a breeze. Bromcom has become an invaluable asset to our institution.


Tracy Livesey

Senior Admin Officer System

Queen Elizabeth Schools

Customer Rating: 9/10

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Bromcom finance team especially Erica and Elena who have supported me over the last six months to ensure that the school has the correct financial information, systems and processes in place.  The weekly support calls and help with additional ad hoc queries have developed my skills and knowledge and provided the school with a fully functional working financial system that meets its needs and manages its expectations.  Staff are friendly, helpful, supportive and responsive in the help that they provide.

Joanne Dodson

School Business Manager

Hebburn Comprehensive

Customer Rating: 8/10

Bromcom is an absolute game-changer! As a user, I found it incredibly user-friendly, making my tasks a breeze. Having all the essential features accessible in one place is a huge time-saver. Though there was a slight learning curve, once I got the hang of it, I couldn't imagine going back. It's transformed the way I work, and I highly recommend Bromcom to everyone!"

Angela McCormack

Admin Officer

Holmeswood Methodist School

Customer Rating: 10/10

"Bromcom has been a game-changer for us! The examination module is fantastic, making assessments a breeze. MCAS offers promising possibilities, enhancing our productivity. Transitioning from SIMs was seamless, thanks to Bromcom's one-stop-shop solution. The ease of use and comprehensive features have transformed our work, making it truly amazing. We are thrilled with Bromcom's excellence!"

Andrea Hawes

Exams and Data Manager

North Kesteven Academy

Customer Rating: 9/10

“Bromcom has revolutionized our school's operations. With all our data centralized in one place, we have experienced a significant boost in efficiency and productivity. The user-friendly interface and web-based platform eliminate the need for server maintenance, making it incredibly convenient. While some colleagues had initial reservations, I can confidently say that Bromcom has become an invaluable tool in our day-to-day operations. Highly recommended!"

Danny Park

ICT Manager

Hebburn Comprehensive School

Customer Rating: 10/10

"Using Bromcom for the past year has been an absolute game-changer for our school. The program's seamless integration of web reports has simplified data assessment, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results. I appreciate how quickly I grasped its functionalities, and it has become an invaluable tool in my role. Bromcom's superiority over other options like Arbour is evident, making it the obvious choice for us."

Neil Myers

Data Manager

Airedale Academy
Thames – Copy

Customer Rating: 10/10

"Bromcom has truly revolutionized our school's administrative processes. With its intuitive interface and robust features, managing student data, attendance, and timetabling has become effortless. The comprehensive reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights that enable informed decision-making. The support team is prompt and knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth experience. Bromcom has undoubtedly transformed our school management, enhancing efficiency and empowering our staff. Highly recommended!"

Julie Spurgeon

Support Manager

Thames Park Secondary School

Customer Rating: 10/10

"Bromcom has been a game-changer for our school! It seamlessly replaced SIMs, streamlining our routines, and establishing effective behaviour management. The ease of use and comprehensive features have allowed us to stay organized and on top of things. The on-site training and workshops provided by Bromcom have empowered our staff, ensuring we maximize the platform's potential. Highly recommended!"

Mike Slater

Network Manager

Darrick Wood School

Customer Rating: 10/10

We’ve got 14 schools, all with different MIS systems. When we had Bromcom’s demo, we realised it was more than just the trust features that could be improved, it was also the way our schools can transform the way they work. Everyone in the room was wowed by what it could do.


Wayne Perry

Data Manager

Arthur Terry

Customer Rating: 10/10

We had the hosted MIS version onsite. When you come and look at the servers, and server upgrades, the amount of time and effort it takes to redeploy and upgrade hosted servers, was one of my main motivations to switch.

Dominic Taylor

Chief Operations Director and GDPR Lead

Reading School

Customer Rating: 9/10

What was quite impressive was in between the first presentation and in person demo, there was the addition of the walk through help function. It was clear that there was those kinds of developments going on all the time, and from a feature point of view, and the fact that you were willing to continuously develop your product is what helped us to decide you were better for us.


Gary Towers

Assistant Headteacher


Customer Rating: 10/10

One of the things, is the third-party functionality. So long term across the trust where you’re not having to pick up different contracts and you can run them down, that was a real beneficial thing that we could see generating savings in the long run so that we could put more of that money into the education pot for the kids.


Kam Baines

Headteacher Designate

Thames Park