MIS for Multi Academy Trusts.

Bromcom MIS helps Primary and Secondary MATs to drive improvement, with access to unparalleled analytics, integration, and drill down capability, ensuring the central team can make informed decisions to improve outcomes.

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Bromcom helps 6 of the UK's top 10 performing MATs.

central management

Everything under one roof.

We have the most comprehensive offering in the marketplace, covering your entire MIS ecosystem. From built in assessment and behaviour, to timetabling and reporting.

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100% Cloud based.

Access our MIS and free apps from any online device with a web browser, for complete flexibility and peace of mind. Our platform is tried, tested and secure in Microsoft Azure.

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Proactive approach.

Through automated events, watchlists and alerts, trends and potential issues can be identified at the source, allowing for early action to be taken.

Parental engagement.

Communicate with parents, students, and staff at the click of a button with our built-in SMS messaging and emails. Configure automated emails through watchlists, behaviour or attendance policies. Go one step further and harness free push notifications for MyChildAtSchool that deliver straight to parents’ devices.

Global to granular analysis.

Take advantage of our ‘eye in the sky’ tool, MAT Vision, to connect with and oversee every school in your trust. Simply login and select which of your schools you would like to drill down into, or run trust-wide analytics to identify which schools are underperforming. Vision allows central teams to implement polices, reports and configurations, which are then cascaded down to every school to ensure consistency. With no separate user licensing required, Power BI connectivity and the ability to create bespoke dashboards, MAT Vision is a must have.

Live data dashboards.

Bromcom offers a wide range of live data dashboards, which present crucial data and KPIs in an easy-to-read screen. Monitor Attendance, Behaviour, KS4, KS5 or Safeguarding data for the entire school or specific cohorts, with the ability to compare against past benchmarks and export into Excel. Teachers also benefit from their own Teacher dashboard, which displays their upcoming classes, registers, and key functionality from the moment they log in.

Who benefits?.

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Teaching Staff.

Easy navigation and features like the Teacher Dashboard make day-to-day tasks a breeze, by compiling key functionality into one screen. Automated systems like watchlists and attendance alerts reduce the admin burden on teachers, allowing them to spend more time with their students.

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Central team/leaders.

Bromcom provides all the information you need to make the important timely interventions that can have an impact upon a child's outcomes, ensuring performance and student wellbeing remain at the forefront.

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Parents and guardians.

Bromcom helps to keep parents engaged and informed, particularly through our MyChildAtSchool app, where they can view school messages, attendance or behaviour for their child. Built in MIS features like announcements, emails and SMS messages also keep parents in the loop outside of our free app.

Secure your data.

Bromcom offers a range of security features and options out-of-the-box. Enable IP or time-based restrictions, two factor authentication, password policies, roles & permissions, numerical pin codes and single sign-on for Microsoft and Google accounts. Not to mention the multi-layer security provided through Microsoft Azure, through our Gold Partnership.

Dynamic Pupil Groups.

Our Report Groups can automatically add or remove students to their cohort based on rules of your choosing. They can be used to define at-risk groups based on a variety of performance factors, such as assessment and behaviour, or personal information such as FSM entitlement or English as Additional Language. They can be used as filters throughout the MIS and staff can be automatically notified when pupils enter or leave the group.

Census and statutory returns.

Bromcom MIS conforms to all of the DfE’s statutory data collection requirements. We provide the tools to create school returns easily and seamlessly, including Spring, Autumn and Staff workforce Census. For MATs, this also means a central overview of Census and SWF Census, with the ability to intervene at school level.