Behind the scenes of any successful education establishment, are hardworking individuals, management structures, and intuitive software. All working together to improve outcomes for children. Our market leading MIS and finance software has been helping schools for many years, but we needed a solution for multi school establishments looking to consolidate data across multiple sites, which is why we created Vision.

What is Vision?

Vision is our ‘eye in the sky’ tool we developed to bring data from multiple schools in to a single, user-friendly interface. Integrating seamlessly with our cloud MIS and finance products, Vision is the ultimate analysis tool, providing global and granular oversight of the schools within your remit.

Who can use Vision?

Vision is best suited to multi school establishments, such as local authorities (LAs) and multi academy trusts (MATs), because it is designed to compile and provide administrative access to the data from multiple schools. Live data dashboards and benchmarking make it easy to measure performance and progress in a number of areas.

What are the benefits of Vision?

There are many benefits to having Vision.

  1. Vision is securely hosted by our partners Microsoft Azure. Not only does this have security and environmental benefits, but the cloud hosting means Vision can be accessed from any online device with a compatible web browser.
  2. Vision gives users the ability to distribute resources and policies centrally, cascading them down to each school to ensure consistency.
  3. Vision also offers extensive drill down capability, allowing users to identify and dive deeper into specific areas of their schools, such as attendance data or student numbers.
  4. If your schools are currently using a range of different MIS providers, or moving to Bromcom in phases, you can still pull their data into Vision and ensure that no school is left behind.
  5. Through Vision, LAs and MATs can take advantage of Power BI and automated feeds to create and power bespoke dashboards that display a range of data.

How does Vision help users?

Vision helps schools by reducing admin burden, as it constantly gathers data and prevents schools needing to manually provide it. This timelier gathering of data can aid greatly with assessment, exam, or census returns, reducing staff labour and output during these crucial periods. This also allows LAs and MATs to reconcile throughout the year to ensure schools and students are achieving positive outcomes, while even being able to reduce staff numbers thanks to the efficiency Vision provides. West Sussex County Council for example, were able to reduce an admin team from 6 members to 2 because Vision made significant improvements to their operations.

Where can you see Vision?

By now, we know that your interest has been peaked and you would like to see Vision in action.

In order to get the ball rolling, you simply need to book a discovery call with our sales team, which allows them to run though some questions and find a time/date that works for your Vision demo. From there, simply sit back and get the popcorn ready as we show you the power of Vision.