Bromcom School MIS launches partnership with Scomis

Acer Trust to move more schools to Scomis on the back of successful support project


On May 22nd 2023, Bromcom announced a wide-ranging partnership with Scomis to support trusts and schools across the nation. 

This commenced with a detailed collaboration between Acer Trust, Scomis, and Bromcom to test, learn, and create a partnership of excellence. We are delighted to announce that the project has been hugely successful, and we are now ready to extend this service to schools and MATs seeking greater choice.  

Acer Trust is a MAT from Oxfordshire who moved three of their schools that use Bromcom over to Scomis’ support network. The schools have benefited from the change and as a result, Acer Trust is now planning to move six more of its primary schools over to Scomis to receive the same services.

Michael Heard, Education Business Partner at Scomis, commented: “We are delighted to develop our partnership with Bromcom. Following a successful pilot project with Acer Trust, we are looking forward to providing additional support and MIS choice for schools, as well as developing our working relationship with Bromcom.”

Jamie Wade, Chief Commercial Officer at Acer, said: “We are very happy working with Scomis and have greatly valued their support over the past year; we look forward to moving our other six schools over to receive Scomis support too. Bromcom has made a big difference to how we can use and access data, and with the ongoing support from Scomis, we know we are in good hands.”

Chris Kirk, Chief Commercial Officer at Bromcom, also reflected on the benefits of the partnership, saying: “It is clear that Bromcom and Scomis have been great partners in supporting Acer Trust.  I am delighted that, through Scomis, we will be offering our MIS and Finance to schools across the region, and look forward to upcoming Discovery Days when schools will be able to learn more about moving to Bromcom.”

From strength to strength 

Like Scomis, Bromcom has supported the education community for decades and recognises the important relationships that schools rely on.  

With an award-winning service desk and full Bromcom MIS and finance accreditation, Scomis are perfectly equipped to support the needs of multi-academy trusts, primary and secondary schools nationwide.  

Through this partnership, Bromcom schools will continue to benefit from the wealth of experience that Scomis offers and maximise the educational impact of their school management systems. 

Why Scomis? 

Scomis provides a support team that understands how to record, manage and report data efficiently and accurately to deliver insights that progress school improvement and trust effectiveness. 

They offer peace of mind that systems and processes are running as they should be, so that schools and trusts can focus on teaching and learning, and improving education outcomes. 

Customers receive direct, fast, and responsive access to support experts, on hand whenever needed, in an organisation that has specialised in MIS support for over 40 years and is committed to delivering service excellence. 

Why Bromcom? 

Bromcom have been helping education providers join the dots between data, people and outcomes for over 35 years. Our cloud-based MIS, Finance and Vision products serve over 2 million users across the UK and Europe. From students and families to staff and stakeholders, we provide helpful tools for everyone. 

As a family-owned business, Bromcom prioritises customer needs over profits. Since inception, we have not paid a single dividend, reinvesting all profits back into our products for the benefit of our customers. This commitment has led to several ground-breaking advancements that have reshaped the landscape of education. 

Our journey began with wireless electronic registration in the 90s, followed by the award-winning Parental Portal in 2000 and first Cloud-MIS in 2010. Bromcom’s innovation has been recognised by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Today, we proudly introduce the “AI”-powered Bromcom MIS, which has the potential to revolutionise how schools interact with data. 

As always, we’re committed to supporting everyone in the educational ecosystem to fulfil their potential and to continually push the boundaries of technology. We invite the education community to join us in this drive to improve education together.