River Learning Trust embraces live data feeds with Bromcom cloud-based school MIS

Embracing Live Data Feeds from Bromcom to Enhance Education 

Mark Hancock, Trust Data Manager at River Learning Trust (RLT), is harnessing the potential of real-time data to transform education. Overseeing an expansive network of 29 schools, including nine secondary institutions, he’s ignited a wave of positive change through an innovative tool – Bromcom’s cutting-edge MIS. 

Navigating the vast terrain of RLT, Mark has tapped into the power of Bromcom’s live data feeds, translating raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. This dynamic approach has proven pivotal in effecting substantial improvements across the schools.  

The Challenge: Gaining Access to Accurate, Live Data 

Prior to transitioning to Bromcom, RLT faced significant challenges in efficiently collecting and analysing data at a central level. This lack of access hampered the Trust’s ability to gain a comprehensive, unified view of their performance. Consequently, this impeded strategic decision-making, stymieing the potential for identifying areas of improvement, implementing best practices and driving systemic changes to enhance educational outcomes across the Trust.  

The Solution: Tapping into Live Data Feeds and Support Forums 

Undeterred by the monumental task of transforming raw data into actionable insights, Mark and his team turned to Bromcom’s innovative solution. They utilised Bromcom’s live data feeds, creating dynamic dashboards and reports within Google Sheets. This approach enabled them to extract real-time information on crucial aspects such as student characteristics, attendance, exclusions, and behaviour. The wealth of live data was then analysed and translated into meaningful insights, providing an invaluable tool for shaping the strategic decisions of their schools. Facilitating both targeted school specific dashboards, and a trust wide dashboard with live data. 

Bromcom’s support forums played an instrumental role in this data-driven transformation. Mark and his team found them to be invaluable hubs of learning and collaboration. They provide a platform for continuous learning, enabling Mark’s team to refine their reports further and maximise the potential of the Bromcom system.

"The support forums have been a game-changer. The opportunity to connect with other educators, learn from their experiences and implement best practices in our own schools has been truly transformative."

The Impact: Informed Decision-Making and Timely Interventions 

The impact of Bromcom’s live data feeds and intuitive dashboards on senior leaders has been nothing short of transformative. These tools have enabled leaders to maintain a real-time pulse on their schools’ operations, guiding them to make informed decisions swiftly and even refine behaviour policies as required.  

One significant instance of this impact emerged when a school, equipped with insights from the live data on exclusions and recurring issues, decided to overhaul its behaviour policy. This was a direct result of the comprehensive understanding facilitated by the combination of Bromcom’s MIS and the Trust’s innovative approach.  

Furthermore, this innovative tool has played a vital role in fostering dialogues between educators, aiding in the early identification of students who needed intervention for attendance issues. This shift in working has underscored the immense value of harnessing live data in educational management.  

"Having access to real-time data has been transformative for our school. We can now identify trends, intervene when necessary, and make data-driven decisions to support our students effectively."

What’s Next: Expanding the System and Enhancing Impact 

With the success of this approach in three to four secondary schools, as well as the live feed of data across schools, RLT plans to expand the use of live data feeds and Bromcom across more schools within the Trust. This will involve further development of the system and improvement of its capabilities, ensuring the ongoing positive impact of data-driven decision-making and timely interventions in the schools.  

Mark’s journey with Bromcom’s live data feeds at RLT has revolutionised the way senior leaders and educators monitor and manage their schools. The system has empowered them with real-time information, enabling them to make well-informed decisions, identify trends, and intervene when necessary.  

As the system continues to be developed and expanded, its impact on education within the Trust will only grow. The positive outcomes experienced by the schools utilising Bromcom’s live data feeds serve as a testament to the power of technology in revolutionising education and creating a brighter future for students.  

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