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Your timetable for switching to a new MIS before March 2025

Your timetable for switching to a new MIS before March 2025

/ Chris Kirk

We asked a sample of ESS SIMS schools if they plan to switch MIS and 60% told us that they do, equating to thousands of schools who will be looking for a new cloud MIS provider in 2025. If your school is one of them, NOW is the time to start selecting your new supplier.  

Switching MIS is simple, safe and secure, but it is important to leave enough time.  If you’re thinking of putting it off until later in the year, you could find that it’s too late and you’re locked into a contract renewal – and that’s not in any school’s best interests. Thankfully, we are with you every step of the way, sharing our 37 years of experience to guide you on this journey. 

What does the switching process entail? 

We’ve helped thousands of schools switch MIS, and with good planning, attention to detail, and clear communication, it’s a smooth and straightforward process. To reduce risk and stress, below is an example of how long you should plan for the process to take.  

Three simple planned stages

  • Exploring providers and demos (4 weeks) – The first stage of the process for switching MIS, is to decide which solutions you want to explore and see in action, and to identify where your current MIS falls short. This will involve talking to your colleagues and maybe other schools, as you outline which features are required and which solutions you would like to explore. At Bromcom, we make sure there is plenty of information on our website to help you understand the benefits of our MIS, and we provide free demos for interested schools of all sizes and phases.
  • ESS notice period (12 weeks) – Now you have chosen your new MIS (hopefully Bromcom!), and you want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Currently ESS SIMS require a 12 week notice period, which gives you plenty of time to prepare and begin onboarding discussions with your new provider.
  • Onboarding (8-12 weeks) – During your notice period with ESS, the Bromcom onboarding process can start to take shape. This will commence with an initial discovery call with our onboarding team to outline timeframes, requirements, and plans to manage any risks. From the point of your initial onboarding discovery call, the process as whole can take on average a minimum of 8 weeks for primary schools, and 12 weeks for secondary schools.

Potential speedbumps

  • Official go-live date (variable) – Your onboarding process with Bromcom will be tailored around your desired go-live date. This will be the date by which point, all your data has been migrated, your staff have been fully trained on Bromcom, and you are ready to start using Bromcom moving forward. Initially, you may have a specific go-live date in mind. However, not every date is practical: there are statutory student data returns to plan around in the spring and autumn, and the school workforce (SWF) census; there are also some busy times of the year such as September, with new admissions, staff, timetables, and curriculums demanding resources to manage and look after. So you may find yourself needing to adjust your timing, another reason why it’s important to start the conversation early.
  • ESS data migration (variable)Following ESS’s announcement seeking to prohibit the use of back-up databases to support migration, the offboarding process from ESS SIMS needs to be carefully managed. We have established methods in place, which our onboarding specialists will be happy to discuss with you.
  • Third-party providers (variable) – A final element to consider is your existing connections with third party providers, for elements such as safeguarding, catering or parents evening. You may choose to move away from them entirely, taking advantage of Bromcom’s One-Stop-Shop offering. Alternatively, you may choose to retain some existing third-party services, but still need to contact them to establish new connections with Bromcom. Any third-party providers you use will require notice of your desire to leave or establish a new connection to Bromcom.

No time like the present

Taking account of these planned stages and potential speed bumps, schools should reduce risk and stress by allowing a 6-month process. With May now upon us, schools needing to give notice in their SIMS contract by December 2025 should start researching and selecting a new supplier now.

Not only does starting this process early mean you get more freedom, flexibility, and choice of start date, but it also means you are better prepared for the new academic year, with Bromcom by your side to support you.

As an MIS provider, we are aware how busy September is for schools across the country, which is why we are recommending you get ahead of the curve. Schools that leave this decision until after September may not find time to start looking at other systems until October/November, limiting availability of migration slots as thousands of other schools do the same.

We’ll ‘Buy Back’ your existing contract

Don’t wait until the contract with your SIMS contract ends to switch to a new MIS!  With Bromcom Buy Back, it’s possible to switch immediately to Bromcom and we’ll pay off your current contract.

Ready to Get Started?

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the many things to consider when switching MIS, and how long the process is likely to take. Why not start with a quick 15 min discovery call, where we can discuss your requirements, timelines, and book you in for a free MIS demonstration? We also attend many events and tradeshows across the country, check out our events page to see our next destination, and we will be more than happy to discuss everything with you in person.

Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk

Chief Commercial Officer