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Our community of MIS experts is here to help you

Our community of MIS experts is here to help you

/ Scott Biggs

As the BromCommunity approaches its 2nd birthday, we thought it was time to take a look at how the platform has progressed since its inception, and some exciting changes that are on the horizon.  

What is the BromCommunity? 

The BromCommunity is an online platform, created exclusively for Bromcom users. It was designed with the intention of providing a space where best practices and simple questions could be shared by other everyday users of Bromcom. It’s clear that it is a valuable resource, having grown to a whopping 6000 members since it was set up. 


The community team of Darren Moody and Matt Seigal work hard to monitor and maintain the platform, ensuring each of the following sections are kept up to date. Here’s brief run-down of the various areas you will see on BromCommunity. 


Homepage – Within the BromCommunity, members will find a recently revamped homepage which highlights key announcements, upcoming events, and training sessions. As other departments organise events, these are fed into the community as well.  

Feed – The feed is where all questions posted by members are located, visible, and answered. As well as Bromcom staff, other BromCommunity members will frequently answer questions and share their knowledge with newer members.  

Product areas – Within the platform, there are also dedicated product areas, each of which act as filters to only show queries related to that product (Attendance, Assessment, Behaviour etc).    


Upcoming Coffee Mornings 

One aspect of the platform which we focus a lot of attention on are regular coffee mornings, which serve as bitesize training sessions around specific areas. These are free to join for anyone in the BromCommunity and often help members to forge working partnerships with like-minded staff at other organisations.  A link to join these sessions will be shared within the community in the coming days.


  • Thursday 25th April – Online Payments v 3rd party software  
  • Thursday 2nd May – Parents Evening Bookings v 3rd Party Software 
  • Thursday 9th May – Safeguarding v 3rd Party Software  
  • Thursday 16th May – Communications v 3rd Party Software  
  • Thursday 23rd May –  Behaviour v 3rd Party Software 
  • Thursday 30th May – HR v 3rd Party Software 

Community Events 

As we grow our community, we are always open to collaborating with schools, local authorities and trusts to put on events, workshops, and online webinars. In December 2023, we hosted our first BromCommunity lunch at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge stadium, where we shared our product roadmap, gathered video testimonials, and connected likeminded individuals. You can also register for the community by sending an email to with the names and email addresses of those you want to be sent an invitation. 


Scott Biggs

Scott Biggs

Principal Educational Consultant