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10 MIS Features To Look Out For

10 MIS Features To Look Out For

/ Dan Sears

In a world saturated by choice, making decisions can be difficult, particularly those that can have long term benefits or repercussions. This is why it is crucially important to conduct thorough research, consider your options and take your time, when choosing your next MIS solution. Some systems may have all the bells and whistles, but lack flexibility, while others are easy to use but require third party systems to meet your needs. In this blog, we will take a look at 10 of the most sought-after features decision makers look for in their next MIS and how Bromcom meets these needs.

1. Student Data Management

The ability to efficiently store and manage student information, such as personal details, attendance records, grades, and assessments.


Bromcom offers many ways in which to manage Student data. From data imports and bulk edits to student records and data collection forms, Bromcom presents student data through a clean interface that makes key tasks and responsibilities a breeze.


2. Reporting and Analytics

The software should provide comprehensive reporting tools, allowing schools to generate various reports on student progress, attendance, assessment results, and other relevant data points.


If data sits within Bromcom, there is a report or method available to extract it in an appealing format of your choice. Live data dashboards and Quick reports provide up to date figures in all areas of Bromcom, while built in analytics tools and interfaces such as Vision, Power BI and Office 365 integration are available extras.

3. Communication and Collaboration

An effective MIS should facilitate seamless communication between teachers, parents, and students. Features like messaging systems, online parent portals, and shared calendars are highly valued.


It’s safe to say that with MyChildAtSchool, Bromcom has set the bar high in terms of MIS communication standards. With free push notifications straight to parent’s smartphones, you can ensure prompt direct communication at no cost. Alternatively, SMS Messages, Emails or Announcements can all be customised and sent in bulk in just a few simple clicks.

4. Timetable and Scheduling

The software should offer tools to manage and streamline the scheduling of classes, timetables, and resources, taking into account factors such as teacher availability, room allocation, and subject requirements.


Bromcom is working on a Cloud Timetabling package, which will bring our existing solution, e-Timetable, into the AI led era of education. Create blocks, bands, groups and cohorts easily through e-Timetable, and use our End of Year Dashboard to promote classes, tutor groups and year groups quickly and precisely.

5. Attendance Tracking

Accurate attendance records are crucial, so an MIS should have user-friendly attendance tracking systems that allow for easy recording and monitoring of student attendance.


If you were teaching in the 90’s and early 2000s, you will be familiar with our physical Bromcom Registers, which were used across the country long before cloud MIS solutions came along. Having started in this area, its is certainly one of Bromcom’s main strengths, with Daily registers, Bulk Attendance updates, Watchlists and a Manage Attendance page for administrative application all available out of the box.

6. Assessment and Grade Management

Schools require an MIS that can handle assessments, grade recording, and analysis. This includes the ability to generate report cards, track progress, and provide feedback to students and parents.


Bromcom’s Assessment functionality is built with flexibility in mind. You can use Assessment Templates to create comprehensive, large scale Marksheets. Import and Export data easily and use built in analytics to highlight data from all corners of Bromcom.

7. Integration and Data Exchange

The software should integrate with other systems commonly used in schools, such as finance systems, online learning platforms, and communication tools. This enables seamless data exchange and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.


Bromcom has an extensive list of approved third parties and software providers that are compatible with our MIS, including Finance, Catering and Safeguarding solutions. Configure Bromcom to writeback TO these systems and feed them data or use these systems to transfer data and balances INTO Bromcom, updating in real time. Google & Office 365 integration were particularly well utilised by many Bromcom schools during covid.

8. Data Security and GDPR Compliance

Given the sensitive nature of student data, MIS software should prioritize data security and adhere to GDPR regulations to ensure the protection of personal information.


Thanks to Bromcom’s partnership with Microsoft Azure, a largely scalable cloud solution which stores data exclusively in the UK, you can be rest assured that our data is secure. Extensive ongoing effort is taken to maintain and ensure our compliance with GDPR regulations, and Bromcom MIS offers total security including: IP based access restrictions, roles and permissions which limit or expand user access to data, and single sign-on/two factor authentication log in features built in.

9. Customization and Scalability

Schools often have unique requirements, so the ability to customize the software to meet their specific needs is essential. Additionally, the MIS should be scalable to accommodate the growth and changing needs of the school.


Scalability is one of Bromcom’s strongest features, with our MIS handling 8 or 8000 students in the same way. As the MIS of choice for many large Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Authorities, our software has proven to meet the needs of larger establishments, through products like Vision, MAT Finance, Virtual School and Power BI. In terms of customization, almost every feature or button in Bromcom can be hidden or granted to specific users, with favourites tabs and bespoke dashboards available to some users.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Particularly in 2023, Artificial Intelligence has made its way up the list of features Schools desire, due to its ability to assists with content generation, communication, data finding and answering queries. While not many MIS solutions can offer integrated AI at present, it is certainly something that should be on their roadmap.


Bromcom were the first MIS provider in the UK to create and launch an integrated AI product, Bromcom AI. With the click of an ever-present button, Bromcom users can use Bromcom AI to draft letters and emails, create lessons plans, translate text, and quickly find data/trends that would otherwise require exports and reports to locate. With tens of thousands of queries being resolved by Bromcom AI since its launch, it has undoubtedly provided value and there is much more to come in the near the future.


Overall, an MIS software with these features can greatly enhance operational efficiency, data management, and communication within a school. However, it is important for schools to assess their individual needs and priorities before selecting an appropriate MIS solution.

Dan Sears

Dan Sears