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3 Reasons Why Schools Love Bromcom Finance

3 Reasons Why Schools Love Bromcom Finance

/ Dan Sears

In today’s world, where most of us have a supercomputer in our pockets or handbags, the expectations for technology have never been higher. Particularly for schools, who deal with immense pressure from all angles and rely on MIS technology to keep their data and finances in order.

It is imperative that schools, LAs and MATs have a full understanding of the MIS they use and are able to make informed decisions when selecting an MIS or Finance solution. So in this blog, we will see 3 reasons why Bromcom Finance users love our solution, which perfectly combines Cloud MIS with integrated Finance.


Simplicity and Navigation

Bromcom’s integrated Finance package is universally loved for many reasons, the first being its simplicity. Despite the module being comprised of over 50 bespoke pages and hundreds of features, Bromcom Finance is easy to use. Our developers have strategically organised the module to make navigation practical and make it simple to find the features you need. Through the use of clear colour coding and ergonomic placement, Export, Save and Next buttons are impossible to miss, coupling comprehensive functionality with an easy-to-follow user experience. In no time at all, new users are able to learn the basics and before long, previous Finance solutions are a distant memory.

"I love the look and feel of the Finance module: modern, user friendly and easy to navigate. Processing transactions which then appear like magic on my bank reconciliation without having to close screens is a huge plus! The ability to email invoices and purchase orders automatically is also a huge time saver"

Integration with Bromcom MIS

As the name may suggest, Bromcom Finance is part of the Bromcom MIS ecosystem. This means Bromcom users can take advantage of the familiar interface and their data being in a single, secure location. Direct integration with your MIS means you have access to Contract and Salary information, which would otherwise be separate when using an external Finance solution. By removing the need for third-party solutions, schools also maintain their carefully curated Bromcom permissions and settings, to ensure sensitive data remains protected. Being built in to Bromcom MIS directly removes the need for data to be synced, ensuring the figures and entries you see in real time reflect accurately.

"Our experience with the MIS system has been remarkable. The clarity it offers is invaluable, and the colour-coded finance visuals are a huge time-saver. These tools have empowered us to make better decisions and streamline our financial processes."

Drill down capabilities

The third aspect of Bromcom Finance which users love, is the drill down capability. Throughout all areas of Bromcom Finance, you have the option to drill down into the original transaction, which provides a clear paper trail. As well as direct drill down capability, there is also Bromcom’s Budgeting dashboard, which provides expandable widgets that collate the key information at a schoolwide level. The intuitive Budgeting dashboard updates in real-time and presents visual representations and breakdowns for the following areas, each of which can also be exported to a file format of your choice:


  • Budget Monitor
  • Year On Year Forecast Plan
  • Income Budget Vs Income Actuals
  • Expenditure Budget Vs Expenditure Actuals
  • Teaching Staff Costs as a Proportion of all Staff

"When deciding on systems, we were drawn to Bromcom for two key reasons. Firstly, it offers exceptional value for money. Secondly, it seamlessly integrates our communication and finance needs. Bromcom has truly exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with our choice!"


I hope this short blog has given you some insight into why Bromcom Finance is held in such high regard. Once you see the module for yourself, there will no doubt be other key features and benefits that resonate with different people, but the 3 mentioned above are definitely the most consistently championed.

As the only MIS provider that offers integrated Finance, AI, Behaviour, Assessment, Safeguarding and more, within our MIS, we invite you to take a test drive. Book yourself a free, no obligation demo and see how Bromcom Finance can take your establishment to the next level.

Dan Sears

Dan Sears