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Know your School better with the power of Bromcom AI   

Know your School better with the power of Bromcom AI   

/ Fergal Moane

AI in a school MIS

How well do you know your school?

Know it better with the power of Bromcom AI 

For those of you who don’t yet know what Bromcom AI is, strap yourselves in. Bromcom AI is the UK’s first AI personal assistant built in to the heart of a School MIS, Bromcom MIS specifically. Bromcom is already capable of countless features, tasks and actions, but with the added boost of integrated AI, we just bridged the gap between finding data and carrying out tasks. No more Report building, Behaviour analysis or Google Translate, just ask Bromcom AI and we’ll do the hard work for you.

More than just a chatbot

Bromcom AI is more than just a chatbot, it can provide actionable insights into students, staff and resources at your school:

  • Do you know who all the students with an Education and Health Care Plan are at your school?
  • What about the students eligible for Pupil Premium in year 9?
  • Who were the highest and lowest attenders in year 7, and how many students received house points or detentions last month?
  • Who are the year 10 students who are always late with their homework? Which interventions are planned for year 11 and for which students?
  • I need a classroom for 2pm tomorrow and also someone to cover English for period 5 – Bromcom AI can tell you which rooms and staff are free. 
  • Which staff within my School are closest to retirement age and which staff have the lowest Attendance? Now I can work on allocating additional resources to address these areas.

Next phase of Bromcom AI

Later this term, Bromcom AI will be able to answer questions about your own school data in these areas:

  • Details about students such as their SEND status, eligibility for pupil premium etc. 
  • Student attendance  
  • Student behaviours, including rewards such as house points and sanctions such as detentions 
  • Interventions and support for students 
  • The school schedule, including free rooms and staff availability for cover 
  • Communication in and out of the school 
  • Assignments such as homework including who has issued and completed the tasks 
  • Staff details, including attendance, single central record status etc. 


An absolutely crucial aspect to remember is that no school information is passed outside of your own database – the AI is simply used to interpret your query and translate that into something that can be searched for within the Bromcom database. Also, no information is used by the AI to train the model and access to the information observes Bromcom’s roles and permissions system, so users cannot access information via Bromcom AI unless they have permission to view it. 

Bromcom AI is your assistant to give you the information needed to better understand and support your students and staff. This can be found all in one place and without having to wade through different reports and dashboards to find it. Below we have two different video examples of exactly how Bromcom AI can assist with finding and extracting data:

Staff and resources

Student data

Fergal Moane

Fergal Moane

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Education Consultant - Fergal has recently joined Bromcom after 15 years as a teacher and then secondary headteacher. He has held a number of leadership roles in schools and MATs, including leading on data, curriculum and educational technology. Prior to this, Fergal worked for 15 years as an IT Director in Investment Banking.