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Bromcom: Anytime, Anywhere | A journey with Louise Needham

Bromcom: Anytime, Anywhere | A journey with Louise Needham

/ Mehmet Kutlay


As you know, Bromcom is a fully cloud based MIS solution for Schools. The beauty of cloud based means that as standard, you can access it anytime from anywhere.

There are many ways we could demonstrate this, like logging in to Bromcom on a 5G network or in our garden, but that wasn’t enough. We really wanted to push the limits here and show just how versatile and clever our system is, then our brilliant Louise Needham (Lead Customer Success Manager) gave us the spark we needed.

What’s the Plan?

On May 12th, Louise and 15 of her friends and family are tackling a challenge that David Goggins would be proud of. Climbing THREE national peaks in 24 hours – Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon. The voyage begins at 5am and concludes exactly 24 hours later, with 23 miles and 10,052ft of climbing on the agenda. Louise is tackling this challenge to raise money for a cause which is very close to her heart and we are supporting her all the way. We’ll be keeping in touch with Louise and broadcasting her progress on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled!

How is Bromcom involved?

As mentioned earlier, Bromcom can be accessed anytime from anywhere. When we heard Louise was climbing three national peaks, we thought this was an opportunity we had to take advantage of. Louise is going to give remote working a new definition by logging in to Bromcom, WHILE summiting Mountains in England, Scotland and Wales.. The idea is to show just how adaptable our system is and to truly show that what you see with Bromcom, is what you get.

How can you help?

As mentioned previously, Louise is tackling this challenge to raise money for a cause close to her heart. We are extremely proud of her and promised we would help, by raising awareness and covering the accommodation/travel costs. If you would also like to contribute and help Louise, she has created a JustGiving page which you can access here. Any and all donations would mean the world to Louise and everyone here at Bromcom, thank you for reading.

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Mehmet Kutlay

Mehmet Kutlay

Mem has been at Bromcom for 3 years now, starting as a Helpdesk agent before eventually moving to the Marketing Team. He comes from a strong hospitality & customer facing background, which includes Apple and 8 years of Pub/Restaurant management. With strong writing skills and a passion for technology and content, Marketing is a perfect fit for him.