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Penns Primary School

Penns Primary School

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How Bromcom helped Penns Primary School manage their MIS and Finance in the Cloud




Penns Primary School is located in Sutton Coldfield and has creative, conscientious and enthusiastic staff who strive to make every child’s education a happy and fulfilling experience. The headteacher and the management team found the school’s legacy information management system to be unsuitable for their needs, thus prompting them to explore other options. Harry Mall – Business Manager, and her management team evaluated several other systems and decided to choose Bromcom because it had an all-inclusive finance package. The school’s legacy system had a few similarities to Bromcom, so the transition to the new system was expected to be familiar and easy for end users.


Why Bromcom


The Penns Primary school team decided to change to Bromcom as they found it easy to use and had an all-inclusive finance package. The school users liked the fact that it was user-friendly, and the support was readily available. They found that it was easy to post invoices and get reports, which was not possible with the previous system. They have started using online payments, which is going well. Communicating with all, a group or individual parents via email is easy at a click of button with the Bromcom MIS.  My Child at School portal has also made planning of parents evening a smooth event. The team was impressed with the support provided by Bromcom, which was available via email and phone. The system also had a support portal, which enabled the school to log in and access training resources whenever the need arises.

"The Bromcom support coupled with a user-friendly interface makes the change process much more manageable."



The school found that Bromcom was a significant improvement over their previous system, resulting in a vast improvement in the administrative tasks. They liked the ease of use, the support, and the all-inclusive finance package that was easy to navigate. Penns School were also able to transition from their previous provider to online payments, which was a great convenience for parents. The school staff could easily access the reports they needed, and the user interface was intuitive, making it easy to complete tasks. The system’s all-inclusive finance package was beneficial, and the staff did not have to log in to different systems to complete financial tasks. Albeit there were minor challenges at the start, the support from Bromcom helped them overcome the issues. The finance package included in Bromcom MIS made it possible for the school to manage its finances more efficiently.

"Overall, the school was satisfied with its decision to switch to Bromcom."



The implementation of Bromcom as a school MIS was successful, and Harry’s team found it to be a vast improvement over the previous system. The ease of use, support, and all-inclusive finance package were the primary factors that influenced Penn School’s decision. Harry says that her team is happy with the results and would recommend Bromcom to other schools.

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Sunita Gordon

Sunita Gordon

Sunita is a seasoned professional with a rich career spanning over three decades in the education sector. She has held pivotal executive roles in national newspapers, including prestigious publications such as The Guardian and The Times Supplements. Her extensive experience encompasses business expansion, marketing, and strategic leadership, particularly within Media and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.