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Samphire Star Education Trust

Samphire Star Education Trust

/ Sunita Gordon

From Outdated to User-Friendly: How Bromcom Helped Samphire Star Education Trust Overcome MIS Challenges 


Samphire Star Education Trust (SSET) is a multi-academy trust comprising one secondary school and three primary schools, providing a comprehensive education for students from nursery age up to sixth form.  The trust is enthusiastically committed to the delivery of an exciting and outstanding education for all our pupils. 

The Network Manager for the Trust takes us through how the Trust transformed their access to data and the impact this has had for decision making. 


Our challenge was a technical one; we were looking to move away from an ageing on-premises MIS installation to a modern cloud-based solution. Our previous MIS was acting as a blocker in many ways, and not presenting value for money, it was simply ‘what we’d always used’. Each individual school had their own specific processes, report variants, data types and codes, which made central oversight and comparisons almost impossible. The previous system was not user-friendly, and staff members were finding it difficult to extract the information they needed to make data-informed decisions. Bromcom was selected to provide a new MIS system for the trust. 


"Moving to a cloud solution has saved a lot of time and a lot of headaches for our technical team"

The Solution 

Bromcom was instrumental in addressing our challenges by providing a cloud-based platform that facilitated easy sharing of reporting and standardisation of processes across all schools in the trust. The system’s user-friendly interface allowed staff to quickly adapt to the new software, while its comprehensive suite of features helped to improve data management. 

The implementation of Bromcom’s MIS was seamless, with support provided throughout the process. The trust was able to customise reports to meet the specific needs of each school, ensuring that everyone had access to the information they needed. 


"I wouldn't ever consider moving back to our old provider"


In the six months since implementation, we’ve noticed a significant impact. Easy oversight of key attendance metrics has allowed us to engineer process improvements. Cloud access and thorough API integration have allowed everyone to access the information they need, where and when they need it, with a minimum of fuss. 

The centralisation of data and ease of reporting have enabled us to make data-driven decisions and track key indicators more effectively. Additionally, the increased transparency and standardization of processes have fostered a stronger sense of teamwork between our schools; with staff helping each other and sharing knowledge. 

Staff members across all schools now have access to real-time information, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and respond promptly to the needs of students and parents. The system’s messaging and notification features have made it easier for staff members to communicate with each other and keep parents informed about their child’s progress. 


"Teachers seem to just get it, and happily embraced the change with very little fuss"

What’s Next? 

As we continue to grow and evolve as a trust, we remain committed to harnessing the power of technology to enhance the educational experience for our students. We plan to further expand our use of Bromcom MIS, exploring additional features and modules to optimize our operations and maximize the system’s potential. 

With Bromcom’s ongoing support and commitment to innovation, we are confident that our partnership will continue to yield positive results and contribute to our continued success. 

Sunita Gordon

Sunita Gordon

Sunita is a seasoned professional with a rich career spanning over three decades in the education sector. She has held pivotal executive roles in national newspapers, including prestigious publications such as The Guardian and The Times Supplements. Her extensive experience encompasses business expansion, marketing, and strategic leadership, particularly within Media and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.