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Guest Blog: Choosing a Cloud MIS for MAT – Bromcom’s Winning Performance

Guest Blog: Choosing a Cloud MIS for MAT – Bromcom’s Winning Performance

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Selecting the right Management Information System (MIS) for a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a critical decision. A robust MIS can streamline operations, automate administrative tasks, and provide timely, actionable insights. In a recent competitive tender process, cloud-based MIS provider Bromcom demonstrated just why it’s a standout choice for MATs.

Diving into the Technical Specifications

The tender process conducted by a MAT was a rigorous one, involving multiple scorers with varied expertise. Bromcom shone through in the technical specifications round, with an overall score of 10750 out of 15000 (71.6%), placing it second overall.

Bromcom’s cloud-based MIS particularly excelled in two key areas: Administration and Management, and Assessment. Scorers appreciated how Bromcom’s solution made it easy for admin staff to navigate and work from a single screen. The comprehensive assessment capabilities offered a flexible environment where schools have full control over data entry and display, meeting all the criteria and more.

Pricing: A Clear Win for Bromcom

When it came to the pricing evaluation, Bromcom took the top spot with a perfect score. This achievement highlights Bromcom’s commitment to offering competitive pricing without compromising the quality of its solutions.

Key Differentiators

A key differentiator for Bromcom was its commitment to evolution and continuous product improvement. The roadmap displayed a proactive approach to feedback and commitment to constantly improving the product. This, combined with a comprehensive package, allows schools to reduce the use of multiple subscriptions.

Moreover, Bromcom’s individualized, one-to-one training for schools and tailored support throughout the year were highly appreciated. The reassurance that schools will receive the support they need, rather than just being part of a process, added significant value.


When choosing a cloud-based MIS for a Multi-Academy Trust, it’s crucial to consider a provider’s technical proficiency, pricing, and commitment to customer service and continuous improvement. Bromcom’s recent performance in a competitive tender process shows it’s a provider that ticks all these boxes, making it an excellent choice for any MAT seeking to streamline its operations and enhance its educational offerings.

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