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Introducing Cloud wTimeTable: our new timetabling solution

Introducing Cloud wTimeTable: our new timetabling solution

/ Joanna Grimbley-Smith

At our annual flagship event Bromcom at The Shard on Wednesday, we officially launched our new timetabling solution: Cloud wTimeTable. Our fully integrated, web-timetabling solution is set to revolutionise the manual, time-consuming timetabling process with automatic timetable creation and instant conflict notifications, among other capabilities. And as you can imagine, we’re very excited about it.

We couldn’t wait to show off its incredible functionality, so in this blog, I’m going to explain what Cloud wTimeTable is and give you a quick tour of its best features.


What is Cloud wTimeTable?

Cloud wTimeTable is a web-timetabling solution that’s integrated in the Bromcom MIS system. It’s based on e-Timetable, our hugely popular, easy-to-use timetabling solution but has upgraded functionality and a wide range of new features added on. Web-timetabling offers timetablers a vast range of benefits including:

  • Easy setup using Project Wizard
  • Fast and intuitive timetable building with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatic timetable creation
  • The option of only automating certain aspects of timetabling so users stay in control
  • Conflict notifications that instantly flag errors like clashes and blank sessions
  • The ability to create multiple timetable versions while retaining the same project entities
  • No need to manually import timetables into the MIS

Integration with the Bromcom MIS will be further enhanced in the future. Some features are not currently available but will be released to all users as timetablers provide us with more feedback.

Cloud wTimeTable’s advanced capabilities


Timetabling is usually a time-consuming process consisting of trial and error – it’s a bit like trying to make the pieces of a puzzle fit together. Now, Cloud wTimetable can do the jigsaw for you. All you have to do is provide it with rules, criteria, and relationships and it will automatically and instantly create a schedule for you.

That being said, timetablers will have a choice of manual, hybrid, or automatic timetable creation so they can automate some processes and take control of others. With its intuitive interface and easy drag-and-drop functionality, it still makes manual timetabling a quick and simple process.


Conflict notifications

Most timetabling systems will give you feedback regarding the issues it’s spotted, but it’s up to timetablers to find the issues themselves and then fix them manually.

With its optimal solution process, Cloud wTimeTable will immediately flag problems like clashes and blank sessions by giving users a clear summary of conflicts. From there, timetablers can easily navigate to the issues and clearly see them on the curriculum plan. It will even tell them what available resources are required to make the timetable work, helping ease decision making considerably.


It’s fully integrated in the MIS

Currently timetablers create a timetable in a separate system and then have to import it into their MIS. This fiddly process of moving files between the app and your MIS takes up yet more of a timetablers’ day. Cloud wTimeTable will be fully integrated in the MIS so you can build a timetable directly in Bromcom and don’t have to worry about juggling files.


Timetabling support from Bromcom AI

Following developments to Bromcom’s integrated AI personal assistant, Bromcom AI, timetablers will soon be able to run queries while they build timetables and receive automated responses based on the data held in the MIS. Whether they need to know which teachers teach year 11 on a Tuesday or want a list of all the staff that teach a certain subject, the chatbot can instantly provide them with the information they need.

It’s worth noting here that although it can use student or staff data to create its responses, your school’s data is always kept confidential, is secure in the Bromcom cloud network, and is never shared or processed by third parties. To learn more about Bromcom AI, click here.

Get started with Cloud wTimeTable

At every point of the timetabling process, Cloud wTimeTable is unlocking significant time savings and making timetablers’ lives much easier. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, we’ve already received great feedback from schools and trusts using Cloud wTimeTable, including Delta Academies Trust and Corinium Education Trust.

However, the best is still yet to come − plenty of upgrades have been planned for Cloud wTimeTable to enhance its capabilities. It’s set to be even more powerful in the future.

Cloud wTimeTable is currently available to all One-Stop Shop customers, and available on request for our Standard and Plus customers. Our training team are now hosting weekly sessions on Cloud wTimeTable. To book your spot, get in touch with our team.

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

Joanna Grimbley-Smith