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The Role of School MIS Software in Facilitating Effective Teaching and Learning

The Role of School MIS Software in Facilitating Effective Teaching and Learning

/ Fergal Moane


In this digital age, which is quickly becoming steered towards Artificial Intelligence, schools are increasingly reliant on technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, particular school MIS technology. This blog post aims to shed light on the vital role that School MIS software plays in facilitating effective teaching and learning.

Attendance & Behaviour

Attendance and Behaviour are considered by many as the bedrocks of a school. If children are not attending or they are behaving poorly, then actions need to be taken to ensure this does not continue. The first step in this process would be to use an MIS that shows you the full picture, such as Bromcom. Through live data dashboards, alerts, reports, or automated events, you can easily monitor attendance and behaviour for all students in your establishment. You could go one step further and use your findings to create Watchlists or Report Groups, containing those specific students you wish to keep a closer eye on. If a student is not in school or is not engaged, they cannot learn effectively!

Parental Engagement

No matter the size of your establishment, your ability and willingness to communicate with parents is an essential aspect of daily operations. It is something that can heavily influence the number of applications and intake you receive from those looking in, and it will have a major effect on student wellbeing and retention. An MIS is crucial in ensuring that announcements are made in good time, opportunities (Clubs & Trips) are offered fairly, and parents are kept in the loop with news and overall student performance. Through Bromcom’s MyChildAtSchool portal, schools are empowered to meet the aforementioned requirements, and so much more.

Knowing Your Students

As a former head teacher, I know as well as you do that understanding your students and their needs goes and long way, and ensures they feel valued, heard, and respected. For some students, that may mean respecting their boundaries and giving them space, while others may require more of an ‘arm around the shoulder’ approach. Students who need additional support are not always obvious to the eye and they may lack the willingness or ability to vocalise it themselves. Therefore, having an MIS that allows you to identify students who may need extra support or need help achieving their targets, is a very powerful tool. Within Bromcom for example (the MIS I chose for my school), I knew I could use the Assessment Dashboards to see how students are performing, or I could check the students page or School Summary Report for an accurate breakdown of how many PP, SEN or Disadvantaged students were enrolled.

Time Saving

While your MIS may not be able to cater for every single potential situation in school, 8 hours a day, 5 days week, it should certainly equip you with tools that help you complete tasks more efficiently from day to day. This can be simple things like taking your register or sending an email to parents, or creating Lessons Plans and Quizzes. Thankfully, Bromcom is loaded with plenty of tools to save your precious hours from day to day, with Bromcom AI being the most recent addition. Bromcom AI has been designed to assist Bromcom users without having to leave the MIS, ranging from general knowledge tasks or requests to data deep dives and identifying trends. Need to write a lesson plan, email or even a poem? Ask Bromcom AI and wait 5 seconds, it’s really that easy. Bromcom AI will soon give access to a range of internal school data in a safe and secure way and we will continue to develop these capabilities during 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for move developments and announcements soon.

Personalised Learning

Every student has unique learning needs and styles. School MIS software plays a significant role in personalizing education by providing teachers with a comprehensive overview of each student’s academic performance, attendance, and learning profiles. Armed with this information, teachers can tailor their lesson plans, activities, and resources to cater to individual students’ strengths and challenges, enabling them to reach their full potential. Through Bromcom MIS, this may take the form of Learning Resources, Groups, or additional learning available only to those students in need of them. Additionally, teaching staff can share and distribute learning materials through Bromcom’s Student Portal application, with live updates when a student submits their homework.


In conclusion, School MIS software plays a crucial role in facilitating effective teaching and learning in schools. By streamlining administrative tasks, providing accurate data management, enabling efficient communication and collaboration, fostering personalized learning, monitoring progress, and supporting parental involvement, it enhances the overall educational experience. As technology continues to evolve, schools should embrace MIS software as an integral part of their educational ecosystem, empowering teachers, students, and parents alike.

Fergal Moane

Fergal Moane

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Education Consultant - Fergal has recently joined Bromcom after 15 years as a teacher and then secondary headteacher. He has held a number of leadership roles in schools and MATs, including leading on data, curriculum and educational technology. Prior to this, Fergal worked for 15 years as an IT Director in Investment Banking.