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5 Reservations Schools Have When Switching MIS Provider

5 Reservations Schools Have When Switching MIS Provider

/ Scott Biggs


The thought of transitioning from one Management Information System (MIS) provider to another can be intimidating for any educational institution. The decision to switch involves careful consideration as schools may have reservations regarding potential challenges and uncertainties. In this blog, we will explore the top five reservations schools may have when contemplating a switch to another MIS provider. For each reservation listed, we will also provide a proven solution that Bromcom are able to offer in response.

1. Disruption of Daily Operations:

One of the primary concerns schools have is the potential disruption to their daily operations during the transition period. Switching to a new MIS provider involves transferring all student and administrative data, familiarising staff with the new system, and ensuring everything functions seamlessly. Schools worry about any possible downtime that could hamper productivity, causing interruptions in both academic and administrative processes.

Bromcom Solution: Having operated in the education sector for almost 4 decades, we have fine-tuned our data migration process to ensure quick, safe & seamless transition of data from a host of other MIS providers. Where possible, we are also happy to recommend our suggestions for the best time to migrate & prepare your Bromcom database while you still use your current MIS.


2. Training and Support for Staff:

Training and support play a vital role in the successful adoption of any new technology, including an MIS provider. Schools may worry about the resources required to train their staff members on a new system, as well as ongoing support after implementation. It is crucial for schools to choose an MIS provider that offers comprehensive training programs and provides timely assistance to address any issues that may arise.

Bromcom Solution: As a company, Bromcom have invested significantly in our onboarding & training processes to ensure schools can transition smoothly, staff feel comfortable using the system, and deadlines/requirements are adhered to.


3. Integration with Existing Systems:

Compatibility with existing systems is another reservation schools have concerning MIS provider switches. Schools may have invested in other software applications, such as learning management systems or assessment platforms, that they want to continue using seamlessly. Ensuring smooth integration between the new MIS provider and these existing systems becomes a critical consideration.

Bromcom Solution: Bromcom’s One-Stop shop package breaks users away from their dependency on third party systems, by offering an all-in-one solution, including safeguarding, catering, parents evenings and more. Alternatively, you can choose to maintain your third-party systems & seamlessly integrate them with Bromcom MIS though backend APIs.


4. Transfer of Data and Security:

The transfer of student and administrative data from the current MIS provider to the new one is often a complex process schools worry about. The data’s accuracy, integrity, and security are of utmost importance. Schools need assurances that the migration process will be smooth, secure, and that no data will be lost or compromised during the switch.

Bromcom Solution: As previously mentioned at the end of point 1, our migration team have vast experience in migrating data from other MIS providers, such as Sims, Juniper, Arbor & others. Any potential data issues or discrepancies are raised at the point of testing, with clear communication & solutions provided throughout. Given the comprehensive functionality within Bromcom, you can rest assured that all of your data will find a new home safely.


5. Cost and Return on Investment (ROI):

Financial implications always factor into any decision for a school. Switching to a new MIS provider involves costs such as licensing fees, implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance and support. Schools may hesitate in making a switch if they feel the new provider does not offer a significant improvement in functionality and features that justifies the expenses involved. Ensuring a clear understanding of the potential return on investment is essential for schools when considering a switch.

Bromcom Solution: Through our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator, G-Cloud offerings and willingness to provide prospects with a quote that suits THEIR needs, rather than ours, you will do well to find better value for money on the market for this level of product. With daily phone support available all year round (excluding public holidays), flexible training processes, and a database of over 130 user guides/recordings, we provide the resources needed to ensure staff are using the system to its maximum potential and tangible ROI is achieved.


Closing thoughts

While switching to a new MIS provider may raise various reservations for schools, it is important to recognise the potential benefits of such a transition. By addressing concerns related to disruption, training, integration, data transfer, schools can make educated decisions & proceed at a time that suits them. It is important, as an MIS provider, that migration/onboarding process as a whole is open, flexible & achievable.

Scott Biggs

Scott Biggs

Principal Educational Consultant