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Brighton & Hove City Council select Bromcom Finance

Brighton & Hove City Council select Bromcom Finance

/ Mehmet Kutlay

We are thrilled to announce that Bromcom Finance has been awarded a contract by the Brighton & Hove City Council to provide Finance software to 62 of it’s schools. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful schools involved in this process – your trust and support mean a lot to us.

We eagerly anticipate beginning our work with the schools of Brighton & Hove, and we’re committed to making their financial processes less taxing! We understand that school life can be incredibly busy, which is why we strive to provide solutions that not only ease workloads, but also significantly enhance the way your school operates.

Our team will be working with the Local Authorities and Schools ICT to transition the schools to their new finance system. We hope that Bromcom being awarded this contract will give you the confidence to commit to partnering with us but if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Bromcom Managing Director, Ali GuryelWe are extremely happy that our Finance solution has been selected by Brighton & Hove City Council to be used through their Schools. Bromcom Finance is a product we are very proud of because it truly delivers all the core functionality a School, Trust or LA need, and this vote of confidence by Brighton & Hove City Council is further evidence“.

About Bromcom

The average school saves over £5000 per year by switching to Bromcom because our system includes everything you need, eliminating the necessity for costly bolt-ons. From parent app and portal, communications, clubs and trips management, homework, analytics, HR, to safeguarding, it’s all encompassed within one system.

Our Finance solution is fully embedded into our MIS, which means you don’t have to maintain multiple versions of your staff details and contracts. Plus, every payment that parents make via the parent app is automatically recorded in your finance system, offering you seamless financial management.


About Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton & Hove City Council is the local government authority responsible for the administration of the city of Brighton & Hove in East Sussex, England. The council is made up of 54 elected councilors who make important decisions on behalf of the local community, including areas such as housing, education, social services, waste management, planning, and transportation.

Brighton & Hove City Council is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives. They have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy sources. The council also actively engages with the community to ensure residents have a say in local decision-making through consultations and public forums.

Overall, Brighton & Hove City Council strives to improve the quality of life for its residents and ensure the city remains a vibrant and inclusive place to live, work, and visit.

Mehmet Kutlay

Mehmet Kutlay

Mem has been at Bromcom for 3 years now, starting as a Helpdesk agent before eventually moving to the Marketing Team. He comes from a strong hospitality & customer facing background, which includes Apple and 8 years of Pub/Restaurant management. With strong writing skills and a passion for technology and content, Marketing is a perfect fit for him.