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MAT & LA Shard Event 2023

MAT & LA Shard Event 2023

/ Mehmet Kutlay

On June 21st 2023, we hosted our annual Shard Event for Multi Academy Trusts and Local Authorities. With months of planning and an extremely strong selection of speakers and content, the event was highly anticipated.

The day was divided into two main halves, MATs in the morning and LAs in the afternoon, with the Shangri La lounge on floor 34 providing a picturesque space for guests to network and engage during intervals. As mentioned, the morning session focused on MATs, with guest speakers such as Derek Hills (Ark) and Ian Gilsenan (Delta) discussing topics like AI as a force for good in education and using Analytics to improve School outcomes.

Once the informative and engaging MAT sessions had concluded, it was time for Lunch, and the Shard laid on a delectable, inclusive menu, which was carefully chosen by Bromcom Marketing Team lead Talya Garnett.

"This was our first Bromcom event as a support partner. It did not disappoint! We loved every minute - insightful, informative and engaging speakers in amazing surroundings and the friendliest Bromcom staff. Well done team - Ellie Ramsay, Hoople"

With the Afternoon being focused on LAs, LA guests and speakers began arriving as Lunch was served, providing a busy crossover period where we hit peak capacity. With full stomachs and renewed energy, both MAT and LA attendees took their seats for the first afternoon session, which came from James Richardson & Matthew King (West Sussex County Council) providing a ‘One year later’ customer journey.

Oliie Burnett (Coventry City Council) and Nick Finnemore (Finnemore consulting) were next, before Michael Heard (Scomis) took the stage as our final LA speaker. Once all guest presentations were finished, we took the opportunity to showcase the highly anticipated Bromcom AI: Phase 2 release.

Bromcom AI: Phase 2 will expand the AI’s capabilities from just external/generic queries, to being able to read/analyse Bromcom databases and assist with tasks. This will allow users to save countless hours as Bromcom AI can find specific data, spot trends and even write letters, in mere seconds.

Overall, our 2023 Shard Event was our most successful and well attended Shard event yet, with some guests already registering interest for next year’s event. Special thanks to Ayoka Productions for their videography service and of course to the Shard for their hospitality. Finally, please enjoy HD recordings of each presentation straight from the event.


  • Derek Hills | AI as a force for good in education – Watch here
  • Ian Gilsenan | Using analytics to improve School outcomes – Watch here
  • David Moran | Empowering MAT leaders through intuitive Dashboards – Watch here
  • Fergal Moane | Bromcom AI deep dive – Watch here
  • Duncan Baldwin | Collaboration is the antidote to competition – Watch here


  • Ollie Burnett | Coventry City Council customer journey – Watch here
  • Nick Finnemore | Industry insights with Finnemore consulting – Watch here
  • Michael Heard | Scomis customer journey – Watch here

Mehmet Kutlay

Mehmet Kutlay

Mem has been at Bromcom for 3 years now, starting as a Helpdesk agent before eventually moving to the Marketing Team. He comes from a strong hospitality & customer facing background, which includes Apple and 8 years of Pub/Restaurant management. With strong writing skills and a passion for technology and content, Marketing is a perfect fit for him.