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Students list page: 5 useful features you may not know

Students list page: 5 useful features you may not know

/ Scott Biggs

As you may already know, Bromcom MIS is rich with features, offering everything schools need to manage exams, assessment, communication, and timetables across the board. For this particular blog however, I would like to focus on the students page. There are number of features and options that this page offers, which even Bromcom veterans may overlook.

Add/Remove Additional Columns

This is one of the more widely known features of the page, allowing users to tailor it to their needs and requirements. By pressing the 3 vertical lines on the right of the page, users can add or remove some of the following data fields:


  • Candidate Number
  • Ever FSM 6
  • Home Language
  • Pupil Premium
  • Service Children and much more.


These columns can then be used to visually identify which students qualify, obtain or meet each specific criteria.


Photo View

This is a very helpful feature, particularly for staff that have recently joined your school and may be unfamiliar with students. By pressing the camera icon, users can activate photo view, which displays student photos next to their name as opposed to list view. Please note that this feature relies on student photos previously being uploaded by the school and handles up to 100 students.


Export to Excel

This feature is used by many as an alternative to report building. By pressing the export to excel button, you can export your student list straight out of Bromcom, with whichever filters and columns you need. As an example, this means you can use the available filters to identify year 7 pupil premium students with medical conditions, then export this straight to excel to carry out further analysis.


Manual Data Export/Import

When you are first starting your journey with Bromcom, this process is particularly helpful. By selecting one or more students and then pressing actions>manual data import, you can export a spreadsheet containing any existing data for those students against the field you selected (email addresses or medical conditions). If needed, you can then update the data within the spreadsheet (without amending any column headings) and use manual data import to bulk import/update the data in the MIS. Clever right!


Quick Edit

Finally, we have the quick edit feature. Once a student or group of students are selected, you can press actions>quick edit. This allows you to update or amend specific data fields for students in one action, without the need to export data or make changes at an individual level. The available attributes include:


  • Attainment
  • Data Processing Consent Granted
  • Free School Transport
  • Nationality and more.


The Students list page acts like a central hub within Bromcom, tying many different areas together and offering enough functionality to carry out dozens of actions from one screen. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To find out just how powerful and versatile Bromcom is, book a free discovery call now and we can arrange a 1-2-1 demo for you.

Scott Biggs

Scott Biggs

Principal Educational Consultant