There’s been a lot of talk about the potential of using AI in schools over the past few years. But with the recent advances in generative AI − from its human-like conversations to its convincing imagery − we think this type of AI specifically is going to have a significant impact on student outcomes and school operations.  

If you didn’t already know, generative AI is a type of AI that can produce content like text, images, and videos when given a prompt. There are a wide range of generative AI systems available that you’ve probably already heard of, like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. They work by using machine learning to learn the patterns and relationships present in a dataset of content created by humans.  

This rapidly evolving technology is already unlocking a huge range of opportunities for schools to better support students and ease staff workload. So, I thought I’d give you some ideas to help you tap into these benefits.   


1. Plan a course or curriculum for students

 Generative AI can save you designing and organising course materials yourself by creating syllabi, lesson plans, and assessments for you. It’s as easy as giving the tool a course title or desired learning outcome, and it will immediately give you a comprehensive outline of the curriculum. It can even create the course materials, like quizzes and topic summaries, for you – but we’ll get to that later. 

2. Design personalised lesson plans  

Bespoke lesson plans are one of the most effective ways to engage students and, in turn, improve their performance. A tailored learning experience is particularly useful for those with learning difficulties that need additional support customised to how they learn best.  

Generative AI can analyse your students’ data and create lesson plans based on their academic performance, their skillset, and the feedback they’ve given in regard to their schoolwork.  

There are also lots of generative AI tools that can support an individual student’s learning, such as text-to-speech generators. They’re especially beneficial for students that struggle with reading, like those with dyslexia and ADHD.  

3. Provide students with personal tutors 

Private tuition is proven to have significant impacts on school performance. And with generative AI’s quick responses and diverse knowledge, every pupil can now have their own (virtual) tutor!  

Generative AI can provide the personal support some students need like creating customised lesson plans that are adapted to the users’ favourite learning style, answering questions related to course topics, and testing the user with questions. There are already plenty of generative AI tools designed specifically for tutoring available that can give users this interactive learning experience. 

However, it is necessary to exercise caution when students have access to AI. Not only could they use it to cheat or plagiarise, generative AI can produce biased and incorrect information. Anything it creates must be reviewed closely to ensure it’s appropriate and accurate.

4. Generate teaching materials 

Whether you want to create a reading list or produce a presentation for the class, generative AI can help. Instead of spending time creating the content themselves, all teachers have to do is give the tool a few prompts. With less time spent on creating course materials, they can devote more of their attention to their students.  

5. Create communications for parents and guardians 

While there’s clearly lots of ways to use generative AI in teaching and learning, it has a place outside of the classroom, too. One of its most effective uses is streamlining critical admin tasks, like messages to parents and guardians. Just tell it what you want the message to say and the tone of voice it needs to say it in, and it will instantly create the email, letter, or text you need.  

It can even translate your messages into different languages so you can be sure every parent and guardian will fully understand your message.  

Introducing Bromcom AI

At Bromcom, every MIS user has access to our generative AI tool, Bromcom AI. Our AI personal assistant can instantly provide automated and interactive responses to questions, prompts, and inquiries. So, if you need to create a lesson plan, draft an email about parents’ evening, generate questions and answers for a quiz, or ask about a non-Bromcom topic, just ask Bromcom AI.  

Our personal assistant works by leveraging Chat GPT via Open AI to access information from the internet to create its responses. Although it can use student or staff data to respond to your prompts*, your school’s data is confidential, secure in the Bromcom cloud network, and never shared or processed by third parties.   

Learn more about Bromcom

As the first MIS provider to launch an AI assistant into a cloud MIS, we’re proud to be leading the adoption of generative AI in education. To find out more about Bromcom AI, click here. You can learn more about our wide range of MIS solutions for schools and trusts on our website 

*Allowing the chatbot to use MIS data requires a subscription; allowing it to access public information is free.