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  • The fastest way to obtain support for our Bromcom software is through our Bromcom Support portal. It contains a wide range of help articles, FAQs, along with the ability to log cases and check on any outstanding issues.

    Or you can call our support line via the number below.

  • We’ve put together some straightforward guides for using our apps but if you need more assistance, please contact your school as we are unable to deal with direct queries from parents and students. If you would like to provide feedback or report an issue with our apps please leave a user review on the Appstore or Google Play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Bromcom?

Bromcom is for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, All Through Schools, Academies, Free Schools, Multi Academy Trusts and Local Authorities.

What does Bromcom provide?

Bromcom has been the innovator of School Management Information Systems for 30 years. Bromcom is a cloud system, offering feature rich and financial saving for Primaries, Secondaries, MATs/LAs. Bromcom has released an integrated Finance Software and Power BI Analytics.

Where is your data kept?

Bromcom hosts all of its cloud hosted MIS services on the Microsoft Azure Platform and these services are run exclusively from the UK North and UK South Azure Regions, therefore all data stored on the Bromcom MIS cloud hosted solution remains in the UK only.

What makes Bromcom different to any other School MIS supplier?

Bromcom have over 10 years of experience of delivering using the Cloud, we are the most experienced MIS provider. We are constantly developing our system to reduce bolt ons. We present our software via up to date browser technology and an intuitive user friendly interface making everyday tasks simple to find and execute. We have created efficient workflows where multiple tasks can be carried out within a few clicks supported by an intelligent ‘push’ of data at your fingertips. We offer support through our UK based call centre where real people deal with your call personally and as thoroughly as possible, even if that means taking you step-by-step through your query.

Is Bromcom finance integrated with the School MIS?

Bromcom Finance is a robust accounting system that is fully integrated with Bromcom School MIS making it unique in the market place. Once Finance is licenced, just update access rights for the relevant MIS users and/or add additional finance only users to give access to the Finance facilities.

How much is Bromcom?

Our pricing is published on G Cloud 13, click here here to access our pricing documents. We can also create a bespoke pricing for you if you contact us directly.

How can I migrate to Bromcom?

Data integrity is key to our business and we understand how important the move from one system to another is. Our dedicated migration team provide a “first glance” look at how your data will appear in Bromcom’s School MIS before we carry out the final switch over. We also offer a simple free of charge self-migration option.

What support will I receive once I switch to Bromcom?

Even users of the best software need support at times. A key factor in ensuring customer peace of mind is making sure that expert help is just a phone call away. With Bromcom, you will receive the best Support Desk and Support Services available from any supplier. The SLA driven Support Desk is staffed by qualified support engineers who give expert and patient advice, and where necessary can directly interact with your system through our remote support service.

If i join a MAT/LA, how can Bromcom help?

Bromcom offer Multi-Academy/LA Vision which is a web based portal, accessible anywhere via web browser with no need to download or install software. Data flow into Vision is automatic so does not require manual intervention or maintenance. Access levels, however, are fully customisable to ensure specific user groups only see the data relevant to them.

How secure is my data with Bromcom?

Bromcom is fully GDPR-compliant. All connections to the cloud are forced over an encrypted 256bit SSL connection with 2048-bit RSA key. Preventing data from being readable in transit as well as preventing data from being cached on client PCs.

How is my data backed up?

We have a dedicated backup server that backups up the system state of the server as well as backing up all data required to rebuild the server in case of catastrophic failure. A full backup is run once a week and incremental backups run every day of the week. There is retention of old backups allowing us to be able to provide a backup within the last 30 days of data for any school if required.

Which device can I use the system on?

Bromcom is compatible on tablets, mobile phones, we have a parent portal app and are developing a student app.

Can I have additional training?

Our training service provides experienced, patient and knowledgeable staff who deliver on-line or on-site training to your school. Bromcom provides clear training plans, extensive online “in application” help and bite size ‘how to’ self-training videos all underpinned by an understanding and experienced ITIL Support Desk that reinforce your training and provide guidance whenever you need it.

What are Bromcom’s terms and conditions?

Please click here for the terms and conditions.