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A Gift From Bromcom | 3 Reasons To Consider Bromcom MIS

A Gift From Bromcom | 3 Reasons To Consider Bromcom MIS

/ Chris Kirk

We believe that having an MIS that places students, staff and data at the core of your operations is pivotal to your school’s success. However, finding yourself connected to a contract that doesn’t align with your needs puts you at an disadvantage.

ESS has written to schools who signed a 3 year agreement from 2022-2025 and invited them to renew and enter another 3 year agreement, with the prospect of increased annual costs if they don’t.

We don’t believe schools should feel pressurised into making a decision that may not be in their best interests. Other options are available.

Don’t sign up just yet: 3 reasons to consider Bromcom

1. A market-leading product:

Bromcom works with thousands of schools and academies throughout the UK, offering a comprehensive MIS and fully integrated Finance solution. Our Finance software is a ‘drop in’ replacement for FMS6, but with enhanced functionality, cloud technology, and a modern and user-friendly interface.


2. ‘Buyback’ scheme advantage:

Regarding your existing agreement with ESS, Bromcom’s ‘buyback’ scheme means you’ll only pay for one MIS even if prices increase this year. We’ll discount the cost of our contract based on what you owe, ensuring you can move to a modern MIS and Finance solution without delay.


3. Avoid long-term lock-ins:

By signing the new agreement proposed by ESS, you may find yourself locked in to SIMS until 2027, with an aging MIS that may not suit your school’s evolving needs.


Start your journey today

If you’d like to discover more about how Bromcom can meet all your MIS and Finance needs, please get in touch with us today.

"Our Trust has recently moved to Bromcom's online payments module from using a separate system - a saving of nearly £10,000 per annum! Once you can navigate the system, which is very different to SIMS, functionality becomes second nature."

Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk

Chief Commercial Officer