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Our Commitment to the Welsh Market and Ongoing Software Development

Our Commitment to the Welsh Market and Ongoing Software Development

/ Ali Guryel

Bromcom school MIS statement of Commitment to the Welsh Market and Ongoing Software Development

At Bromcom, we take immense pride in our mission to empower learners, educators, and institutions with cutting-edge educational technology. Today, we wish to express our unwavering commitment to the vibrant Welsh education ecosystem and our dedication to customising our solutions to meet the unique needs of our Welsh customers.

The Welsh education landscape has always been characterised by its rich history and a strong commitment to fostering a culture of lifelong learning. This commitment resonates deeply with us at Bromcom, and we recognise the significance of Welsh schools and local authorities in shaping the future of education, not only in Wales but across the UK.

We believe that education technology should be a catalyst for positive change, enabling educators and learners to thrive in an ever-evolving world. To ensure that our software aligns perfectly with the requirements of the Welsh educational community, we are taking the following steps:

  1. Welsh language: We are dedicated to making Bromcom software available in Welsh as an option for all Welsh local authorities, schools, families and any other stakeholders. We have commenced working with organisations established in supporting clients including Welsh government departments, and we are confident that this work will be completed by January 2024.
  2. Welsh statutory returns: We are committed to ensuring that Bromcom software enables schools and local authorities in Wales to be fully compliant with Welsh data returns. We have engaged a range of experts and we are confident that this work will be completed by January 2024.
  3. Localised Content and Support: We are dedicated to providing localised content and support in both English and Welsh languages, ensuring that our solutions are accessible and relevant to educators and learners across Wales.
  4. Collaboration with Welsh Educators: We are actively engaging with Welsh educators and institutions to understand their unique challenges and requirements. Through collaborative partnerships, we aim to co-create tailored solutions that address specific Welsh educational needs.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to excellence means that we will continually refine and improve our software based on feedback from our Welsh customers. We value your insights, and that will drive our development roadmap.
  6. Training and Resources: We will invest in training and resources for Welsh educators, ensuring they can harness the full potential of our technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
  7. Community Engagement: We are excited to become an integral part of the Welsh education community. Look forward to our participation in local educational events, conferences, and initiatives that support the growth of Welsh education.

Bromcom is more than just a technology provider; we are your partner in educational transformation and school improvement. Our commitment to the Welsh market is not just about business; it’s about making a positive impact on the lives of learners and educators throughout Wales.

As we embark on this journey together, we invite you to reach out, share your insights, and collaborate with us in shaping the future of education in Wales. Together, we can achieve great things.

We look forward to a bright future of learning, innovation, and success in Wales.