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Bromcom AI Launched to partner Schools

Bromcom AI Launched to partner Schools

/ Mehmet Kutlay

Bromcom AI launched to partner schools
Friday 12th May 2023, Bromcom Computers officially announces the release of its innovative Bromcom AI personal assistant to a select group of partner Schools.

After months of development, Bromcom AI’s release marks a historical day within the Education industry and promises to be a game changer for Schools around the country. Assisting with data collection, daily tasks and proactive trend spotting, Bromcom AI provides a first look at how education leaders and MIS users can benefit from harnessing the power of AI.

Bromcom Managing Director Ali Guryel commented, “Bromcom, with a 35-year legacy of innovation, has always pioneered ground-breaking ideas in education. When the chance to develop an AI product to transform School operations and boost our MIS functionality emerged, we seized it passionately. For us, innovation isn’t a goal—it’s our DNA, driving us to continually redefine the future of education.”

From today, Bromcom will be working closely with partner Schools as they begin to use Bromcom AI and provide their initial thoughts and feedback. Further information will be available soon, detailing the full roll out of Bromcom AI and when you can expect to find it within your MIS.

Bromcom AI Demo.