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Bromcom launches Bromcom AI – Revolutionising Education with the UK’s first AI-powered MIS

Bromcom launches Bromcom AI – Revolutionising Education with the UK’s first AI-powered MIS

/ Damon Hatcher

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Bromcom AI brings AI functionality to the UK’s education sector, and we are proud to be the first MIS supplier to make this technology accessible to our customers. We are excited to announce that Bromcom AI will be available to schools and MATs from the next Bromcom release (May 2023). 

This initial release will be an integration of Open AI’s ChatGPT that can be used directly from within your MIS. This version will not have access to your school data but will provide a gateway to Open AI’s landmark product, saving staff from jumping around between systems and ensuring everything is in one place. 

On top of this we will be offering an early adopter programme, providing a more enhanced version of Bromcom AI that allows you to interrogate your own school data. The first 100 schools to sign up will be granted access on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The early adopter programme will provide these schools with exclusive access to the powerful insights and capabilities of Bromcom AI. Our team of specialists has been working with some of the most knowledgeable teams in the world to develop essential tools for schools. We are confident that our Bromcom AI framework will revolutionise the way schools access, analyse, and act on their data. 

For those who miss out on the early adopter programme, we are pleased to announce that the enhanced version of Bromcom AI will be released to all schools that have our One Stop Shop product on 21st June 2023. Our Bromcom AI framework includes powerful conversational engagement and insights, and these features are just the beginning. 

We understand the importance of parental engagement, and we are proud to announce that our Bromcom AI chatbot will provide accurate translations of text into a wide range of languages. Our AI technology will also identify potential issues within schools, providing helpful notifications in real-time to every level of your school, MAT or LA. 

We believe that Bromcom AI will unlock a wealth of insight, helping the education community to understand and support students to a greater extent. With our AI technology, educators can focus on engaging with staff and students, rather than sitting in front of a screen for hours of targeted investigation. 

What sets us apart is that Bromcom AI never shares your sensitive information with other organisations. Any queries regarding your school data are handled by Bromcom and kept secure within our platform. The only information passed to external organisations such as OpenAI are non-school specific queries such as “provide a 5-point lesson plan for mini-beast habitats”. 

The future of education is here, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. Keep an eye on our newsletters, community, and announcements to see the future unfold. We’ll ensure that schools, MATs, and LAs have their say, and that no data is processed without permission. 

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