Leveraging Data to Drive Educational Excellence: A Journey with Delta Academies Trust

During Bromcom’s annual Shard MAT Event, I was hugely impressed by the session with Ian Gilsenan, Trust Data Director at Delta Academies Trust, who delivered a captivating presentation on their groundbreaking data-centric approach to academy management. The key to their success? The utilization of Bromcom’s Cloud-based Management Information System (MIS).

Data-driven decision making is a well-established concept in the corporate world, but witnessing its application in the education sector was truly transformative. Delta Academies Trust’s astute team has effectively harnessed the capabilities of Bromcom’s MIS, integrating it with Power BI’s visual prowess to develop an interactive dashboard that displays critical performance metrics across all academies. It is remarkable to observe the substantial impact our software is making in this context.

Transparency and accountability have been paramount for Delta Academies Trust, as highlighted in Ian’s presentation. By integrating Bromcom’s MIS, the Trust has fostered a culture of real-time reporting, making the performance dashboard accessible to the wider community. From the premises manager to the executive principal, everyone now has access to the same information flow, driving collective efforts towards performance improvement.

A standout aspect of the presentation was the Trust’s use of Bromcom’s MIS to shape their attendance strategy. Attendance officers now benefit from a comprehensive attendance map, enabling them to plan routes and target students with attendance rates below 90%. Witnessing how real-time data streamlines and adds strategic focus to these roles is truly impressive.

Our MIS has always shown potential in supporting behavioural insights, but seeing it in action was a revelation. The Trust’s proactive approach to behavioural issues, empowered by Bromcom’s system data, allows senior leaders to promptly address concerns instead of waiting for a weekly meeting. It is gratifying to witness our system making an immediate and positive impact on student behaviour.

Ian’s talk also emphasized Bromcom’s MIS in enhancing the overall school environment. From improving attendance to fostering an optimal atmosphere for teaching and learning, every decision is now driven by data insights from our system. We are delighted to witness the strategic and transformative utilization of Bromcom’s system.

Form tutors at the Trust greatly benefit from Bromcom’s MIS as well. They have access to comprehensive data on students’ attendance, absences, and behavioural incidents, enabling informed discussions and reinforcing the connection between attendance, behaviour, and learning outcomes.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is how Bromcom’s MIS facilitates collaborative improvement across academies. The system integrates live data feeds from the Department for Education, providing an accurate national benchmark. Combined with an automated system for tracking student progress, the academies have cultivated a culture of mutual support, with shared data insights driving continuous improvement.

My key takeaway? That Delta Academies Trust’s innovative and data-driven approach, supported by Bromcom’s cloud-based MIS, has not only optimized operational efficiency but also nurtured an environment of growth, accountability, and success. This case study serves as an exemplary demonstration of how Bromcom’s products can revolutionize education. We eagerly await future developments and achievements in this collaboration.