Given the amount of attention data migration is currently receiving within the education space, we wanted to provide our readers with some key information and facts around data migration within Bromcom. We appreciate that it is a delicate process and a crucial aspect of switching MIS, so we hope you feel better informed on Bromcom’s approach by the time you finish this blog.


50 Years’ Experience

In many walks of life, there is no substitute for experience. While study and preparation are essential steps in any process, seeing, doing, or completing something first hand is the best way of learning and improving. This is something our migration team offers in abundance, with two members having spent 32 years and 19 years respectively at Bromcom alone! This has allowed us to not only adapt to industry changes over the years, but to also stay ahead of the curve. We also ensure that all our project managers are all PRINCE2 trained, to ensure they have the skills and requirements to manage complex projects.


Comprehensive Migrations

Bromcom are one of the only MIS providers on the market, that offer a comprehensive migration. Where other MIS providers may not have the facilities to migrate certain areas of your data, Bromcom can migrate attendance, timetables, contracts, exams data, contact information and more from selected MIS systems. As standard, we will migrate the last 5 years of your data, but depending on your previous MIS, we can often migrate 25+ years of data.


Migration Scope Documents

To make our migration process as smooth and transparent as possible, we have created our own comprehensive scope documents, which provide complete breakdowns and examples of which data is migrated when switching to Bromcom. There are separate documents, depending on which MIS you are migrating from. For example, a school migrating from Arbor or SIMS can open the scope document relevant to them and see exactly where their data will sit in Bromcom compared to where it sits currently, aiding them with their preparation.


Test or Live Migrations

Larger schools or schools who have not switched MIS before are more likely to be apprehensive pre-migration. Thankfully, our experienced team have come up with another innovative solution. Our test migrations allow these schools to see how their data would look, ahead of the actual live migration. This offers a stress-free preview copy of how your data appears in Bromcom and provides an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the new system, navigation and so on. It also allows us to find and address any potentials issues with your data, without affecting timescales, ahead of your live migration.


Self-Service Migration

Finally, we have Bromcom’s self-service migration service. This option allows schools to upload their database to our secure portal, which migrates the data automatically. Users are then given the chance to perform a data reconciliation check before their data is uploaded into a Bromcom Live Cloud environment. The advantage of this option is that end users have visible control and can see exactly which data is migrated, as well as any issues or errors. It may also be a timelier option for smaller or newer schools looking to migrate their data quickly.


To learn more about the specifics and how Bromcom can assist your school, LA or MAT, please do get in touch via our contact us page.