We often hear from our SEND school customers that MIS suppliers tend to build systems geared towards mainstream schools. Their main complaint? They lack specialist features and functionality, and cannot adapt to special schools. That’s why so many SEND schools go with Bromcom. We provide fully featured, flexible MIS solutions built with special schools in mind – but that’s not the only reason we’re their go-to supplier. In this blog, I’m going to take you through the top four reasons why Bromcom MIS is the best MIS for SEND schools.  


Comprehensive functionality

Here at Bromcom, we’re proud to offer the most feature-rich MIS on the market.  From the fundamentals like timetabling, exams, and meal management, to safeguarding, HR, and Power BI, we can provide special schools with the flexible functionality they need. Our built-in features save SEND schools from splurging on costly bolt-ons, too, giving them great value for money. At the same time, Bromcom allows you to integrate specialist thirdparty tools into your MIS, like BehaviourWatch and CPOMS, as well, so you can be sure your new MIS will satisfy all your requirements.  

“The deciding factor for us was Bromcom’s streamlined approach to management systems. Unlike SIMS, which required numerous bolt-ons and incurred significant costs, Bromcom’s One-Stop Shop simplifies everything. Workflows in the MIS will save considerable administration time. Data entry is a breeze  − input it once, and it’s seamlessly available across the entire MIS and other modules. This efficiency boost has transformed our operations, from HR to Budgeting and Finance, resulting in significant time savings and cost efficiencies.” − Nahbila Sher, Thamesmead School 

User defined panels

One of the most valuable features we offer for SEND schools is our extensive user defined fields and panels. They give special schools the ability to keep additional information on students, staff, and guardians, like a pupil’s reading age or how they get to school. Not only does it allow data to be managed in a clear, simple way, the unique data items and occurrences can also be monitored, such as recording the time medication is taken. The information can even be sent to parents via an automated email when specific events occur so they are always kept in the loop.  

“The ability to instantly access a pupil’s emergency details is invaluable. In times of need, this feature provides peace of mind and efficiency. It’s reassuring to know that critical information is just a click away, ensuring that we’re prepared for any situation. This tool is a testament to thoughtful design and a commitment to student safety. I highly appreciate and recommend its swift and reliable service.” − Sue Martin, Fred Nicholson School

Behaviour classifications 

Our behaviour module enables you to record incidents in a more nuanced, detailed way with behaviour classifications. For example, one incident may have had two or three elements to it, like swearing and shouting. With the behaviour classification function, you can record all these elements in one incident rather than having to log two separate ones. Although all schools can benefit from this built-in module, it’s particularly useful for SEND schools that may be more likely to deal with challenging, complex behaviour on a more frequent basis.  

“Bromcom has been a game-changer for our school! It seamlessly replaced SIMS, streamlining our routines, and establishing effective behaviour management. The ease of use and comprehensive features have allowed us to stay organized and on top of things. The on-site training and workshops provided by Bromcom have empowered our staff, ensuring we maximise the platform’s potential. Highly recommended!” − Mike Slater, Darrick Wood School 

Seamless communication with parents 

Our built-in communication tools keep parents, staff, and teachers up to date by enabling schools to send emails and SMS messages at the click of a button. You can even set up automated emails which are triggered by key events, like behaviour incidents. The MyChildAtSchool online portal and app also allows parents to easily view their child’s performance and access critical information such as their behaviour, attendance, and important documents.  

“The student record system is comprehensive, condensing student details and communication history on a single page. Seamless parent communication through text messages is valued. The inclusion of diverse reports HP, CAMS, and educational psychologist reports is highlighted, acknowledging the complexity of students. Transitioning to a digital platform for streamlined organisation, integration of various documents, and improved parent engagement is suggested.” − Grace Speakman, Safe Start Education 

Want to find out more?

Over 150 SEND schools across the country use our MIS to streamline their staff’s workload, freeing them up to provide their students with the full attention and support they need. Whether you want a basic cloud MIS with standard features to meet your school’s requirements, or are looking for a fully integrated system with all the bells and whistles, we can help.  

You can learn more about our MIS for special schools here. Or, if you want to find out what we can do for your school specifically, book a discovery call with our team.