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Bromcom AI: The UK’s first AI powered MIS

Bromcom AI: The UK’s first AI powered MIS

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AI in a school MIS

Be part of the AI revolution in education

What if your MIS could quickly identify potential issues within your school that would take hours of targeted investigation to uncover? What if it did this for you in real-time, providing helpful notifications for every level of your school, MAT or LA?

This is the future of using AI in Education and something that Bromcom will be demonstrating at BETT 2023.

Paired with the wealth of information held in our products, Bromcom AI will unlock a huge amount of insight, helping the education community to understand and support students to a greater extent. Providing proactive information allows educators to focus on engaging with staff and students, rather than sitting in front of a screen.

We aim to introduce revolutionary a range of new features to our software through our Bromcom AI framework and powerful conversational engagement and insights are just the beginning. None of this is designed to replace real people, but it could help make your school workforce a lot more effective!

Engage with your MIS

Ever wanted to simply ask your MIS for the information you need? Perhaps you want to know the teacher turnover over the past 5 years and whether it has improved this year. Maybe you’d prefer to ask if there are any patterns to an individual pupil’s behaviour and whether any staff member is having more success.

Our Bromcom AI chatbot will interrogate and present data on your behalf, simply type in your question and let the system do the work. The possibilities are endless, providing a gateway to data insight without the need for years of expertise.

Breaking the language barrier

Another area that AI can help schools is breaking down the language barrier. With a far greater understanding of language, Bromcom AI will provide accurate translations of text into a huge array of languages. Imagine being able to accurately tailor your communications to parents in their first language and auto translate their responses.

Standard translation tools are unable to accurately provide this service, leaving schools and parents in a difficult situation. We know how important parental engagement is, so Bromcom AI presents a huge leap forward in effective communication with non-English speakers.

Live demonstrations at BETT 2023

BETT 2023 was the perfect platform for us to debut Bromcom AI, and the general consensus is the same, AI is here to stay and Bromcom AI looks to be a game changer for the MIS industry. Our team of specialists are working with some of the most knowledgeable teams in the world to provide essential tools to schools. Keep an eye on our newsletters, community and announcements to see the future unfold. We’ll ensure that schools, MATs and LAs have their say and that no data is processed without permission.